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  1. Fished Rochester home port today knowing kings had to be there , even though they been tight lipped last couple weeks well they are there and were deep and uninterested most of the morning. But we stayed and made them pay. 4 matures . From noon to 1:30p a 28,24,19,12. And lost another screamer on the wire. Could of stayed on them but had father things to do. 130-150fow best . Good luck out there

  2. That's not the tunnel drive . That's the smooth hum of rigging on the port side of the boat . Not sure if this means anything , but there is a ton of what look like niagria minnows . Or smelt loaded in frt. . of ibay. Clouds on screen in 20 fow . And prop. Churning them up for the gulls . Look like Alfred Hitchcock movie . Birds dive bombing everywhere. The Browns are full.

  3. Late start today . Waited for storms and high seas I quess. Only boat on the lake . Took my boat out since DD hD to work for once . We went 2 for 5 . Steelhead and 6lb. King. Lost screamer on wire rod . Green thunder NK. Every other shot came on finger lakes tackle. Green and blk. . Better water over 200fow. As waves built cold water moved up. Weird with strong west wind . Hope this helps a little good luck everyone.

  4. Fishing Report

    Your Namelarry joe / Boat Name:ss duke


    TRIP OVERVIEW headed east out of bay steady pick of small browns . But found pack of kings of ok beach. Biggest 22lbs. Im 12 ft. Of water



    Time on Water:


    Wind Speed/Direction:


    Surface Temp:


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits:

    Total Boated:

    Species Breakdown:

    Hot Lure:

    Trolling Speed:

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth:

    Lure Depth:




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