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  1. Started in 330 FOW at 6 am, within first 15 minutes we had 4 fish on, landed one. Jumping Coho and Kings, they went nuts

    ...then gone! Ended up going 6 for 10, good day overall but we really worked to get the strikes. Also landed two Kings in 175 FOW. Green glow, black glow and wonder bread mags did the damage today., 52 - 60 down riggers. 20210609_103805.jpeg20210609_070930.jpeg


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  2. We fished mainly in 400 FOW, that's this year! 47 - 62 down on riggers. Copper 220 - 250. We troll fast, ran only spoons today, all mags. I run florocarbon 20lb leaders, 6 ft minimum, snap swivels with a sro ball bering swivel to main line. I fish 15 lb test main line , enjoy the fight on light tackle, that's me, not a meat fisherman, just want a good fighting fish. We release many of our fish if we know there is a high survival rate.

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  3. I had a leak that I could not find for years (12 plus) on my 2004 Trophy 2352; started as a slow leak but progressively got worse.


    It ended up being the gimbal housing gasket.


    The manufacture did not cut the hole with a jig, and it was leaking from the day I bought the boat.


    Has to replace the transom.....was not cheap.


    It may be worth looking at this area.


    Good luck.

  4. Last night Keith and I decided we were going to talk Kurt into brown fishing this morning. We ran East and set up in our normal honey hole. We picked away at browns until we got East of the can. The further East we went the more browns we caught and the bigger they were getting. Around 8:30, a diver takes off ripping like a king. After a nice battle, we slid the net under a 19lb 4 oz. brown. We ended up throwing back 6 browns in the 11-12.5 range. We laker fished for a short time before running in an got a 18lb 10oz laker for the board. We ended up weighing two browns and a laker. IMG_3431.thumb.JPG.795754bb748dc71a896419169edb3401.JPGIMG_3432.thumb.JPG.68e4fb9b1cad94f6fdb5f911fb72c37d.JPGIMG_3435.thumb.JPG.1b1e1d4a39829b8f662863493d34f85a.JPG

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  5. On the water at sunrise, set up in 140. The first rigger fired with a Big Weenie meatrig with a MC Rocket with five minutes. Ran a single 400 chute copper, two dipsys, two riggers. Took 7 hits and the guys were able to boat 3. Either the fleas were a lot less or switching from 30 to 40lb big game made a big difference on the fleas. We were off the water about 10am. Dipsys were run 220 and 280. Meat rigger was 80 and spoon rigger at 60IMG_20180708_130535696_HDR.thumb.jpg.e7612b53225d603f3b04a9246f79c1c7.jpgIMG_20180708_065846296_HDR.thumb.jpg.777e19615ccebc89e02e11fa530302ed.jpg
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    Great....nice fish!!

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