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  1. Same thing happened to mine. Sent it back to Big Jon and they replaced the motor. It was still under warranty so didn't cost anything. The cost would have been $160.00

    hope thats not the case with mine... but nice to hear Big jon stands behind their products.

  2. I know the season closes in a few days but wanted to know if there are any shore fishing opportunitys from the NY side? I know some are caught in Fort area Ontario but havent heard much about the states side.

  3. This is a friends boat, 19ft,4 cylinder.

    He just unherited this boat and clueless. We are planning on lake trout fishing erie this spring...


    problems, the boat wont troll down to 2.0 or less without the boat shaking from the motor.


    should we install a happy troller plate? maybe trim tabs or just suck it up and get a kicker?


  4. The damage occurs when the boga is clamped down on the jaw... Watch someone using a boga, the fish immediately "freaks out" as jaw gets clamped, maybe pain or just fear... The fish typically will spin over and over, damage can occur without the fish even being lifted out of the water. Lifting the fish out insures damage.


    as far as releasing kings, seems like it works, esp. since some have had success, might even try it with a #2 barbless hook attached to some wire.


    I actually just think its common sense, not surprizing that some find hard realize though...

  5. funny you use the word "ignorance"...


    talk about the pot calling the kettle black... :mooning:  :mooning:  :mooning:


    heres some more butts for ya', since you love'em so much.. :D


    maybe someone should hook you by the jaw and hang you up for a pic.


    use a net nOOb

  6. vince is spot on with the jaws splitting... Its not something to use on the tribs C/R fishing. A steelhead or brown is not designed to be hung by its jawbone, one twist and shake and the fish falls off with a broken jaw to suffer.


    A few years back during spring, I caught 2 fish, same run, same day, jaws split completely in half... The fish still fed as any animal will until it can't. Could'nt figure out how the jaws would split until I watched a few guys downstream using these grips to lift and photograph the fish. No doubt in my mind they were the culprits. Talking with them, they stated they had been "hammering" fish all week there on thier yearly vacation of egg collecting... Yes, they were from Pa :rofl:

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