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  1. Congratulations Total Chaos !!! Good things DO happen to good guy's !! Last year , same week of the fall LOC derby, you guy's took the time to come answer my call for help and towed me 3 1/2 miles back to port. You did not want anything in return, and I had to go to your campsite that evening to force a small gift on you. While you were towing me , I remember yelling to you that I hope you win the derby for helping out a stranger.....well you didn't win it last year ...but you did win it this year!!! Awesome Job!!And thanks again for last years tow.

    crazy how karma works... great job guys and awesome fish...

    I know it was stressful waiting out the whole derby, but you got the "one"...

  2. I'm not a mechanic, so please bare with me..


    the bilge pump wont turn on, when I look at the dash, the fuse thing is out and wont reset when pushed in.

    Is the fix just replacing the fuse?

    whats that part called anyways?


    I notiuced the lights, bilge, horn, wipers all have their own fuse, the wipers and bilge dont work and those are the only fuses that are in the out position..


    please help me out.

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