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  1. So my Fire Dept was dispatched this afternoon for people in the water yelling for help near Braddocks. When the fire boat and coast guard boat arrived on scene, there was a pontoon boat with a lady in the water hanging on at the stern. I noticed there was also a very common boat many of us know tied off to the pontoon and the captain was keeping her safe till help arrived. None other than Bill Ryan aka Whaler. The lady was brought aboard her boat with Bill’s help and the FD drove her boat back home. She and her husband who was waiting on shore were both shaken up but thankfully ok. But she would not have been ok with out Bill’s help. Bill was with her for 5-10 minutes before we arrived and that probably saved her life. I know Bill is going to give me **** for posting this but I give credit where credit is due. I have said it before. There is some great people in the group.


    Nice save out there Bill.







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  2. Would have been neat to get a picture of it swimming next to the boat.

    I was so pissed at myself. I like to keep them in the net and in the water when unhooking so they have a better shot at living. 1st time this has happened but live and learn. All big ones will be in the boat. Another funny fact was we had multiple times where fish came to the surface and ever time we where saying “there is the fish taunting me”.

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  3. Whaler and I decided to try the oak this morning. This was my 1st time ever at the oak and I am glad he mentioned it. We launched around 5:45 and fished till 12:30. Started in 100 and worked to 500. We went 5 for 6 with 3 kings and 2 bows. Best water was 450-480. Biggest was around 22. Fat Nancy flasher/ fly, wonder bread spoon, uv 2 face spoon took fish on the riggers. 225 and 240 dispeys both took fish with SD/flys. Only rod that did not fire was carbon 14 spoon. No pic of whaler’s big king since I messed up the net job. Kinda of embarrassing on my part but Bill was good about it. Great day with good company.





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  4. Took some friends out for sunset trip. After talking with Whaler I decided to go to Sandy instead of genny. Set up in 100 around 5pm and headed NW towards the nose. 50 degrees was down around 70. Worked from 90-170. Marked some bait here and there and a few fish but nothing exciting. Got to the nose and turned around and headed back towards the creek. Around 8 pm there was a quick rip on 70 rigger but gone in seconds. About 10 minutes later same rigger releases but nothing. I said 8:30 we are gonna pull lines. 8:25 the same rigger fires again, I grab the rod and finally this one is hooked. Told my buddy and his wife one of them needs to fight it. He took the rod since she was relaxing in the bow. Put up a nice fight as sun was going down. Not a big one but better than nothing. All 3 hits on fat Nancy flasher with green attomik fly on rigger down 70. Only saw 1 other boat besides a cargo ship.


    Rick IMG_5514.JPGIMG_5513.JPG



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  5. I was out on 7/21 with the fire boat doing training and asked why the launch was so bad. Was told the DEC would not let West Point remove all the weeds they cut and they have collected at the launch.


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  6. Took some guys from FD out and 1 guy brought his 13yo son. Was greeted with major debris in and in front of the river. Headed out to 100fow and went on a NW troll. 2 wire dipseys and 2 riggers stacked. 1st fish was on wire diver set 210 with white SD/ hammer fly. We let the youngest have that king. 2nd fish was 26lb king on rigger parked at 69 on mag carbon 14. We let the oldest fight that one. 3rd was another king on 210 dipsey, let kids dad have that one. Finally my turn. 4th was a bow that took a wonderbread spoon stacked on probe rigger down around 50. Jumped a few times but got it in quick and quick release so no pic. Headed east back towards the river and buddies son got his 2nd fish of the day which was a laker. Called it a day after that. The youngest and oldest both caught their biggest fish today. Not as calm as I would like but better than working. Worked 100-175, temp was 70 down.


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