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  1. I have to agree 100%. I was fishing I Bay for browns yesterday and the temp was 71 at 48 feet and 60 at 51 feet. That’s a huge break in just 3 feet. I had to adjust my speed in each direction to keep the lures in the temp and down speed I wanted. I didn’t mark and lot of fish so I couldn’t fish just the marks. I feel my probe gave me the info I needed to land 13 browns and 1 skippy king yesterday. 

  2. Took some family out to try and find them some browns. Started off with a laker before I had 3 rods set. Fished inside till 8:30 and had 3 browns and 1 laker in 70-80 fow. I was told let’s find some kings, so I changed my program and added some flasher/flys with spoons and added a 300 steel. Caught 3 kings and lost a king in 150 fow. Biggest was 21lbs on mag spoon, silver and purple on 300 steel. Would have bet it was a bow after it jumped 5 feet out of the water way behind the boat. My cousins arms were sore after reeling that fish In on 300 steel. No hits on dispeys, and all spoon bites. Carbon 14 and UV carbon 14 spoons took the majority of the fish. 50 degrees was down 80 over 150. 




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  3. 50 minutes ago, Fishmaster 196 said:

    I have a 80lb that I use with my 9.9 for trolling.  It lasts 6 to 8 hrs of trolling when set on 3.5 to 4.  For bass fishing it should last all day.

    Do you use it with the 9.9 to help with speed, direction or both when trolling? I have never used anything other then the 9.9 for trolling. Once in a while I will turn big motor on if rough and 9.9 needs some help turning into a wave and shut it back off. Would like to learn about using trolling motor along with kicker for trolling. Thanks in advance! 

  4. Shawn, I run 6 and if I have 3 people maybe 7. Always 2 dipseys, 2 riggers stacked and just added 300 steel this year. Only bring my top if calling for rain or really hot. If top is open and fighting a fish you can collapse the top and set it on to windshield to give your self more room if needed. Then just put it back when done fighting the fish. 

  5. Shawn J, just a suggestion. I have the same boat. I take my Bimini top and clip it in place when on plane. When trolling unclip the front rods on Bimini top. Take 2 sections of a pool noodle and place them on the frame of the windshield. Let Bimini top sit on the windshield on the pool noodles when trolling so it is out of the way. If you have to get to the bow you have to duck under top or just lift it up. Just a suggestion. Good luck and enjoy the boat.



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  6. My buddy caught the brown weighed in yesterday. It was his 1st trip out this year and asked me what lures have been hot for me. I said Carbon 14 was good for me on kings. He was in 180 fow fishing for kings right out of Genesee River. Said rigger was out 135.  Hit a carbon 14. I tried for browns almost every day and landed a handful of small ones and did lose 2 nice fish but that’s how it goes. 2 days I went deep and fished for kings and got a few with biggest being 17lbs. A week off of work fishing is a good thing. 

  7. Launched there this week and tried 3 different cards to pay. All rejected. Got a note on my car when done fishing to call a number and give them my card number. Checked the machine and there was a note on machine saying pay with cash or call a number and give them credit card info. Giving a strange # your card info sounds like a great idea! 

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