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  1. Congratulations, good job with the smokepole and write up. Just curious what bullet were you using and the rate of twist of the barrel?


    I have shot a few deer and elk with my .50 cal Knight in-line with powerbelts. I am still hoping to shoot a deer with my .45 cal flintlock. It shoots round balls very well with 1-66 rate of twist.


    Here is hoping this does not turn into a powerbelt bashing. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Yours may be different than mine. That is OK.


    Nice deer and story again.

  2. I am a newbie at this but I had a great

    trip 8/21 with John Gaulke. Book a charter with him

    and you will be way up the learning curve.

    He only uses a 10 ft tippet of 12 lb mono

    on a baitcasting rod and reel. The bulk of the line

    is nonstretch.

    We all had multiple strikes that we missed.

  3. Hi All, New member here but wanted to pass on some info as a very satisfied client. Went jigging with John Gaulke www.fingerlakesanglingzone.com on Seneca Lake 8/21.

    My brother hooked and landed a nice laker on the first drop.

    Within 5 min I hooked a monster,

    turned out to be a 32 incher!

    John was a hummingbird on crack, landing fish,

    handling the boat in the wind, coaching 3 newbies

    on the jigging technique, replacing rubber tails,

    looking at his electronics, bleeding fish for the cooler.

    The bite slowed and he filleted all the fish.

    Just a great day. Mark

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