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  1. Bridget....Great report.  I am almost exclusively a panfisherman (gills/crappie) & having grown up in the north country still get up to Black Lake on several occasions.  I  struggled the last time up there & given your info I think its because I was fishing too shallow.  I have had tremendous success with the Gulp 1" minnows on a #8 Caty ice fishing jig below a bobber.  I presume fishing in 12-15' you are drifting or anchored and just dropping the jig/worm or minnow right over the side, correct?  I fished the shoal off the south side of Tin early in the year and did well shallow there.  The last time up I tried it again but its weed choked now & I didn't have much success.  I take it you were fishing right off the break of the shoal.  I might give it a try again soon but given your report I'll try deeper.

  2. Nice Kev.  Went out with my buddy & his wife this morning.  Set her up out front & stuck my Dave Smith Decoy right in the logging road.  It took a while but eventually here come 3 big toms right down the road focused on the decoy with one in strut.  She pulls the trigger at 15 yards & misses.

  3. My wife & I fished last Wed. afternoon on an overcast & drizzly day.  Hammered 'em on jig and bobber.  Next day it was sunny & warm - couldn't find them.  This cold front & blow will have them screwed up for a few days but come the weekend the fishing should be good. 

  4. Our group of 4 got 11 yesterday. Not exactly on the "X" and a whole lot of wiffing by fellow hunters. I went 1 for 1 on a crosser after everyone else shot and just concentrated on my dog. He did great although he always messes around with the first one.

  5. I've been over a couple times recently and have struggled. Tried shallow around the weedbeds and picked up a few. Yesterday my wife and I fished just north of 113 and I marked fish but only picked up two drifting with a bottom bouncer & worm harness. Is time of day critical? We were there from about 6 to 7:30 p.m. then went and tried shallow again. Did we leave too soon or is morning the better bite? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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