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  1. In Tompkins, they are $90/Ton at the waste center.  They will take whole or in pieces - if you cant get them there on a legal trailer, for instance.  That is usually the biggest problem, trailer is toast from sitting so long, and not legally registered anymore.

  2. Two observations: 

    Can you turn the motor whichever way makes the cable shorter?  Probably to the left, then get it to pull out by partially entering the gunnel hole.

    If that cable cant come out and go straight into the motor, it will go bad again.  Ask me how I know...  I had to make a new hole in my gunnel to have the cable be able to go straight into the motor.


  3. 2 hours ago, bulletbob said:

     I cannot fathom that level of selfishness and  incivility toward another boater. I am not a "good person", I am a  wicked sinner  thats done very little good for other people in this world , yet I have towed many stranded boaters in to port  over the decades and witnessed personally the look of despair turn to a smile of relief, and heartfelt gratitude.  Same as most here I am sure, I have almost always been offered money, but would never consider taking it.. Some day soon it might be me out there looking for the kindness of a stranger.


     Its the least we could do for a fellow boater in distress. It is SCARY being stranded... Never been towed in but needed to be, and as  others have experienced, have gotten no help, because guys were  too busy  "fishing"...

      I never go out without a  backup motor of some sort, and never will, because I have felt that sick hopeless feeling of being stranded on the water, with no help in sight...  I would not wish it on anyone, and like most forum members here, will do what I can to prevent it from happening, even at the risk of missing some "fishing"... bob

    Sounds to me like you are a good person.  Thanks for looking out for others in distress out there, and helping when you could.

    I got towed in recently, and have towed a few in myself over the years.  I always try to keep karma on my side!

  4. Some of the flashers/spinners don't impart any action to the lure, so those need a spoon or other self action lure behind them.  Its good to have both on hand to try on tough days.



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