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  1. The way I see it, if you want to get vaccinated and it makes you feel comfortable, do it and that’s cool. If you don’t want to get vaccinated and you are comfortable with it, that’s cool too. 
    Vaccinated and unvaccinated alike spread the virus. Look at professional sports right now. 
    This going back and forth is what is destroying us. 
    Its hard to know what is true nowadays as everyone twists the truth to fit the narrative they want people to hear. 
    In the end, do what you are comfortable with, and do your best to keep others safe

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  2. 22 minutes ago, Smat64 said:

    Congrats to all. Great media all season long


    Finally connected with a doe on Wednesday.



    Nothing but does and young bucks in archery. Opening day of gun at sunrise had a nice buck at 90yrds and missed with my muzzloader. Thought I made a good shot but no blood or hair at impact or found. Shot a hornady sst did you guys recommend barnes?

    Less than 48 hours later (including thanksgiving) got 34#s in the freezer thanks to Eichas Sausage in Hamlin!


    Did you get the doe with the SST?

  3. J.C. Higgens model 20 12 gauge pump

    Martin Panther Bow

    Mossburg 190 16 gauge bolt action (x4)

    Mossburg 500 pump 20 gauge (x2)

    Savage 220 20 gauge bolt action (x4)

    Matthews No Cam Bow (x3)

    Ford Explorer 

















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  4. With my buck tag filled, doe mission yesterday. Had a smaller doe come by me at 7 yards, and that was all she wrote. The freezer is filling. Ready for that next buck tag to be valid. I saw a lot of rutting activity yesterday while I was out. Bucks chasing does, bucks with their noses pressed to the ground running around like crazy(one of which was a beauty). Really nice hunt. Doe down and off to work by 9!

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  5. 58 minutes ago, tuffishooker said:

    My bad news story on the topic ! Was fishing on an exfriends boat ; on my boat the fisherman with the fish on directs the boat . Not this guy ! I get a nice keeper King maybe ~10lbs. putting on a good fight ; boat owner is on his cell phone with fishing pal . He puts the boat in NEUTRAL and the Chinook salmon charges the boat at the same time ! I cannot real in fast enough , with slack line the fish getting to the stern of the boat . The line wraps around the prop and BREAKS OFF !

    Things got bad nasty between us ! We do not talk !

    Sounds kinda childish if you ask me. Throw away a friendship over a fish, and it was only a 10 pound king at that. 

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