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  1. The lake seems to have flipped "up-welling" as of today.. courtesy of the past 2 days NE wind. Tim is currently out on the lake off Fair Haven as I write and is reporting 54-58 degrees on the surface in 120 feet of water. I think this needs to be said in behalf of the Finders Keepers team: In regards to the thread " What's up with Sodus"..  Tim only posted that we had a large fish on.. it seemed to be a big one (but yeah we lost it).. the Kings showed up in our area of the lake .. this is what we did to get some in the boat.. case closed. We have defiantly ruffled some feathers on those who believe they are better than everyone else because they are winning tournaments and/or having a captain licence and/or are fishing 4+ days a week May-October. For that we are sorry.. but we are just fisherman who think we can help others get fish in their cooler. Yes, there is still the element of what the definition of a "pro fisherman" is ..but for the most part we feel the Finders Keepers Team defines the definition. To those who think we are charging for our seminars.. we have not charged a penny for a seminar in years. The seminars we conduct are free and every one of our sponsors support us 100%. To those who represent fishing and non/fishing companies.. this is not a way to act.. so we all should "act" professional, courteous and supportive on/off the water and here on the LOU site. Every one is entitled to their own opinion, thoughts and ideas. But, if you have an issue with someone on this site.. PM them. But to make a rant publicly and or jump on the "bash wagon" is not the way to go. Having the thread edited by the moderators shows that the posts were uncalled for and not appropriate for the LOU site. This type of harassing could lead to anglers shying away from posting anything on this site because of situations such as this .. all over saying we "think" we had a huge fish on. Our team is accomplishing great things on this lake, for this lake and for some reason a few people see this as taboo. One last thing is that in the best interest of all anglers we are increasing attention of our world class fisheries to companies whom normally have had no interest. This could have a huge positive impact on the tournaments, communities and the local fisheries. We are honored to say that this has already started with OceanLED, Plano, Frabill and Rhys Davis supporting and sponsoring tournaments such as the east end Pro-Am's, Atommik Invitational and the Salmon Slam. So, lets stop this non-sense and get fired up over the salmon slaughter that's about to be had ... once the lake stabilizes and sets up of course! 

  2. As we all know and is a FACT is we have a world class fishery and all the fish taste great in there young stages of life. Lets promote it instead of pretending it has a problem when really has no problem. All species have population cycles which go up and down which gives balance to the eco-system as a whole. I'm sure plenty of clients would agree that they are just happy to get a fish of any species when they are paying to go on a charter. Sure, they would love a screaming drag with a huge king on the line. But to catch a few lakers is a whole lot better than a boat ride. JMO

  3. You can get a great pair for that price. Which ever brand you go with try to stay away from glass lenses. They may look good, feel good at the moment.. but after wearing them awhile they will feel heavy and will want to slide when you perspire. Also, Make sure the nose and ear pieces are rubber to keep the shades in place when you sweat. Try on a pair of Polarized Oakley's.. all the lenses are High Impact resistant and High Definition (HD) which you will find out you can actually see better than your own eyes and they are killer on seeing into the water. The "Pit Bull" and "Straight Jack" are angler specific but they do carry a ton of cool frames that fit all face shapes. Also, if you are trying on a pair and they are not polarized the lens can be changed. Bottom line you get what you pay for in most situations.  There is a Oakley Store at the Destiny Mall in Syracuse and at the Galleria Mall in Buffalo. 




    I hope this helps!



  4. Received our 3rd place check... but no word on the Go-Pro Package we qualified for...

    Nick did you get your GoPro package ?

    Nothing states any LOC rules if 2 place in different divisions but at the same level such as ours and have Go Pro video's that one or the other wins...We Both Should Get the Packages if you ask me...

  5. If you use the NYS Public launch by Arney's be very careful! The bass boats are building a sand bar at the end of the launch from gunning their boats onto their trailers. Its very shallow which we ran into the bottom ( at the Healing Waters Salmon Slam ) even with our prop up. Word is the depth is good at Arney's ramp. FYI

  6. Kyle, Go to Gander Mountain and look at the Frabill "Power Catch" Nets. They will not let you down! And the net will be around when your kids have kids. And by chance you get a Huge King to your boat again... the fish will fit nicely into the Frabill Net. They are a bit pricey but you get what you pay for these days... usually. Great report! :clap:

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