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  1. Couldn't resist taking a doe tonight, freezer is empty and have had zero buck action for to long. The wet spring kept me from getting good food in the ground. Was great because I couldn't resist packing up, walking all the way back to the truck, and driving home to get my 4 year so he could track his first deer. Blood hound already, even though he almost literally stepped on her before he saw her because he was so focused on following blood ! Great Moments for sure!20191207_175050.thumb.jpeg.b06ede0c73a8f14d2786e0db33c41720.jpeg20191207_175149.thumb.jpeg.5325a50e42621e66d259305cca9fb6e7.jpeg
    Thats one happy kid. Congrats

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  2. Glad the guy got caught. Trespassers are hard to convict. You can have written tickets and all your i"s dotted. I have had issues and a good friend last yr went threw the same thing in churchville. When the hearing was done my buddy was livid. Usually a small fine if that and a warning. Going to court would help the cause. Nys should have stricter laws for such actions like this. Believe me iv owned strictly hunting property for over 20yrs and every few some scum bag thinks he has the right to hunt it. I have even been approached by DEC to setup a sting operation on my property. Some day i might do it for opening day

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