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  1. Anyone have feedback on this wireless unit? I received one when I bought my kicker, just missing a few parts. Before I go through the ordering and installation just wondering if people who have them have had any issues, thanks in advance

  2. 3 hours ago, L&M said:

    Check the fitting size going into the separator and use a straight - tee to connect both the main fuel & antiphon to the kicker. It is normally 3/8 NPT thread.





    Thanks, I was hoping you'd reply with a simple fix. My next problem is finding one, been looking all morning online and nothing in stock in the Watertown where I've looked


  3. I've done a little research on running off the separator, everyone seems to recommend the anti siphon nipple regardless of a check valve in the primer bulb. I found mine at West Marine for about $8, you need a nipple regardless so may as well get the anti siphon one

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    I'm trying to hook my kicker (2020 Merc 9.9) to my main tank so as to avoid having a can kicking around on the floor. I purchased an anti siphon fitting thinking I would just screw it into my water separator and tie into it that way. After further inspection I don't think that'll work considering the setup I have. Anyone else ever run into this or have a good idea as to how I can make this work? Motor is a 2003 Volvo 4.3 gxi, thanks in advance



  5. A couple of my buddies were on a similar boat about ten years back that sank, when they realized a large amount of water had been taken on, the bilges and attempting to get on plane weren't enough. The boat wouldn't power up and from what I was told the water rushing rearward sent the bow near vertical and the boat sank in seconds, not minutes. And this was in May. Luckily others boats were near and were able to get them out of the water fairly quickly. Ended up being a finger sized hole rotted in the transom that had let the water in. On a side note, I'm not aware of the details in number of bilges, etc. that were on the boat. For what it's worth I always make sure I had one auto and one manual bilge that were working on my boat before I left the dock. Sad story, thoughts go out to the family....

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  6. I particularly like this.....

    "Also, Porter asked if the $10,000 donation requirement could be handled by "in-kind" donations to groups seeking or wanting do things like raffle off hunting or fishing trips handled by Saiff's business. Once again, Danks said, she was going to leave that up to Saiff's probation officer."

    WTF? So he can promote his "business" through his "donation" fines?

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  7. The fact that this will not cripple his business immediately goes without saying. Him and his father always have been, and always will be, bullies on the water AND in the fields. None of the locals I know like them. We didn't need this to cement that feeling. Not letting this topic go cold and making it known through this lovely thing we call social media is about the best any of us can do. Food at his restaurant sucks, him and his fleet are a bunch of self-important jerks and I for one smile with every bit of bad press that he gets.

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