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  1. 21 hours ago, JakeyBaby said:

    Although,  I'm entirely on board with the September gun season. Lots of fawns still with mom and guns before bow is really going to stir $h!+ up!

    So I just re read what I wrote!!! And I'm not sure what happened! But I meant to write I'm NOT  entirely on board with the September season!!! 

  2. Great news!!! Finally this state has made a good decision! IMO there shouldn't be an age at all, as long as they are accompanied by an adult, let them hunt. This day an age, even 12 years old they are already molded into what they want and are going to do. The early they can get out there and enjoy the outdoors with us the better!

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  3. Man do I know that! Lost a bunch of my Gambler Rigg Walleye harnesses last season not having mine tied down a while towing! I use foam pads and cut slots accordingly with tooth picks holding them them in place. They caught wind on I90 and never seen again.

  4. Great job! We were there Saturday and struggled to say the least. Only managed to boat 4 Perch all day. Not exactly sure what in the hell we could have been doing wrong as we did have boats around us a few times that were hammering them...... a bit frustrating but it's part of the game I guess.

  5. I know I asked about this a while back now, but just wanted to update since we are two weeks away from getting our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon!!! Can't remember the last time I was this excited for something! Here's a few pics from the last few weeks. A long drive but going to be worth it! Crazy how fast they grow.

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