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  1. 2 Walker 100LC Downriggers Line-counter Reels available for sale. 
    Right Handed, handle is on the right side.  All reels have good drags, line counters work, clickers are finicky.  The clickers on the 100’s do not work, they can be repaired for $5-$10 Tuna Reels or Rochester Reel Repair could tackle them.   Great reels for a start up kit or just browns or eyes.  I bought them very lightly used and did not use them.  They have been sitting in their boxes.  No boat rash.   Comparable to the Cabelas Metal line counter. Mostly metal construction.  Selling for $35.00 each shipping included.  Shoot me a text or call me for the fastest response at +1 (315) 804-4502.  PayPal or Venmo accepted.









  2. Boat Trailer: Year unknown dual axle, no brakes, rubber is in good condition/some tires are new, light kit is new, trailer is adjustable to accommodate 21’-25’ boats.  The trailer had a 22’ Grady White Seafarer on it.  Call or text me for an appointment.
    +1 (315) 804-4502.
    Price is $500, NO TRADES.  
    There is no paperwork for the trailer it will have to be registered as homemade.  Sold as is.369312E6-0D58-4E71-A6F3-24B242F48EFE.thumb.jpeg.3259aae5f012d6872dc9d1dcab7bdd9c.jpeg13B8B7B8-0B14-4163-849F-BEBE8FBE98D2.thumb.jpeg.e72cf6afdb0dc7c7f07acff866afa256.jpegD387B9DD-7A5B-47FC-A3F1-167EDB4097BF.thumb.jpeg.fb89264373462021b5aac52e3ed2b553.jpegD80FC8B5-C84E-4779-AD71-AEBE71FB0407.thumb.jpeg.d3ae2a49f27dabcba9c0fc55c9e406be.jpegDF5A7ED1-EF6E-4775-A106-2E84F431FC68.thumb.jpeg.281b3943ed4466f6d83e5b1d6609339f.jpeg

  3. Depending on where you buy Reef Runners it is not often you can find what you are looking for the price of $8.00 minimum each.  These are advertised for a lot of 20 for $80 shipping included.  That is more than 50% off retail price.  I am not going to accept less than half of what I paid for these lures that are out of package in new condition.  I am not going to drive to meet at $3.59/gallon to drop the price $10.  If you like the selection and like the deal then contact me.  It just doesn’t make sense that someone is wanting to travel half way across the state to “meet” and will take the lot for $70.  I am paying it forward with a price of $80 to a good home. Please just move along if you don’t like the deal.  Thanks 


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