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  1. Fished off the Genny saturday. I knew things were looking ominous when the weather forecast was calling for east winds all week. Bad omen number two was my conversation with the proprietors at the Boat doctors in olcott. I stopped there on my way from Buffalo to get some cut bait prior to launching and was informed that the lake had flipped. Get out of Rochester into about 250 feet of water and see only two other boats even though the lake was like glass and it was a perfect day. Fished everywhere. Went out as far as twelve miles into about 550 feet. Marked very few fish. Had one steelie on the line and lost him after the second jump, That was about 8 miles out in 500 feet. Just one of those days.

  2. Newbie here. Gonna be fishing off rochester this weekend for kings/steelies. Gonna stop at the tackle shop before i go. Looking for suggestions on combinations. Spin doctor or Paddle and spoon. Spin doctor or Paddle and flies. Spin doctor or Paddle and cut bait.  Whatever works best. Whats your favorite combo.


    On the cut bait does anyone have a particular baitholder color they prefer. We are targeting both kings and steelhead so Im looking for combos on both. If there are any good articles on this they would be appreciated also. Thanks for any help.

  3. Im new to the LO fishing scene. Grew up fishing Lake Erie. I live in Buffalo and am traveling to rochester saturday to go out off Rochester on my nephews boat(he lives there). As of right now the weather forecast is calling for a Northeast/east wind. In forty years of fishing Erie one thing has been constant. If you dont  want to catch fish, go out on an east wind and you'll be guaranteed to get skunked. Does this rule hold for ontario kings and steelhead. I went out with him(my nephew) last year off the Genny and the wind quickly switched from southwest to east and we didnt get a single hit after the wind changed. Also, how accurate are the weather forecasts with respect to the wind around rochester. If I look at the forecast on friday night and it says winds from the east on saturday should I just cancel the trip or is it a crap shoot as far as what direction the wind may come from the next day regardless of the weather forecast. Any advice is appreciated.

  4. Noticed two different sizes of spin doctors at gander mountain yesterday. Whats best the large or the small or doesnt it matter. Also need suggestions on some good combos for this time of year as in what color spin doctor with what lure.

    As for cut bait anybody have any thoughts on it this time of year.


  5. Im having an issue with my spin doctors getting all tangled up when I set them up off the down rigger. My lure somehow gets wrapped around my spin doctor at least half the time. Ill usually have about five feet between the ball and the spin doctor. and then another 2-3 feet between the spin doctor and the lure. Is there a special kind of swivel you need to prevent this or just a good one someone would recommend? Do you use a swivel to attach the spin doctor to your main line? do you use a swivel to attach the lure to the spin doctor? And how many feet between the spin doctor and the ball and the spin doctor and the lure? Ive seen a few posts which say they set it out at least 20 feet. Does the kind of release I use matter? And What kind of leader? Is regular mono(usually use 30lb) OK? Thanks for any tips and good luck.

  6. The newbie again. First off thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my "trying to learn" question on the 14th. All tips offered were very insightful and should be a huge help. Thanks again. Didnt know these damn fish where so complicated. LOL.

    Next question. As a lifetime fisherman on lake erie my experience with east winds is that going out is a complete waste of time. Fishing on erie in an east wind is almost always lousy. Im considering Olcott sunday but the forecast is calling for a NE/ENE wind all day. Should i bother going if the forecast holds up. Thanks again and good luck out there.

  7. New to the spring fishing scene in Lake Ontario. Looking for basic tactics and tips. Lures. Set ups. Trolling speeds. Etc. Went out on Olcott on June 5th when apparently a new tournament record got set for total pounds of fish caught and got skunked. Reminded me of when i first started fishing lake erie tribs five years ago for steelies and watched every one else catch them. Clearly a learning curve here. Planning on hitting the Niagara Bar this sunday. I have downriggers, dipsies, an assortment of spoons, spin doctors, flashers, and some atomic flies. Needs some help on how to use them. Looking for suggestions on how to locate fish. Are there any good books I can get. Or websites to go to and learn. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and good luck out there.

  8. Name: MATTMAN



    Boat Name/Type:18 STARCRAFT

    I fish for:

    EVERYTHING with fins as long as its legal. Always play by the rules


    Hello all-

    Lifelong lake erie fisherman both lake and tribs. Started fishing Western lake Ontario two years ago. Been out about six times in august and sept. Had increasing success the last few trips as i learn more about techniques. Got a 14 lb steelie last time out. That was a riot. Want to try Spring fishing this year. looking for tips on how when and where between the Niagara bar and olcott. Whatever is running be it steelies lakers kings browns. Thanks in advance for any help. Good luck to all in the tournament

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