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  1. Plecos Give me a call 716-796-5372 I can take you out. I just PM from Lineman49 over on walleye.com so I popped over here to respond. Call me and we can look at some dates. Thanks, Capt. Jim Skoczylas

  2. Don't fish under 80' right now you will be pestered all day by silver bass. We been doing real good 80-93 feet between center rd and Purina 7-10 color lead on harnesses (darker colors) and Bay Rats. We put almost 200 walleyes in the boat in the last week of fishing. I took a friend and his 3 and 7 yr old out yesterday we fished 3 hrs (10-1) before the kids got antsy and put 7 in the box.

  3. killer....... how is the camera rigged to the line? lb. test? How secure are they?

    it ties inline before your bait. I had it tied in to a 7 color leadcore, about 4 feet from the harness, I sell these cameras if your interested in one let me know. I use 20 lb test to the camera and 15 lb test to the bait.

  4. Nick I will replace those Bay rats if they are leaking. I run Bay Rats exclusively for stick baits now and my catch rates have not dropped its actually increased a bit. No more hooks pulling, lures leaking, bent or broken hooks and 100% made in the USA right in Erie PA. I was one of the guys that toured the plant that Bailey spoke of and I will tell you the quality is bar none. It takes about 25 minutes to make one lure from start to finish and all hand painted by just 2 guys. I am a dealer for Bay Rat you can call me at 716 796 5372. My boat will be at Sturgeon Point on the gas dock for the week of the Southtowns tournament. Call me on phone or the radio on channel 68 and ill get you hooked up with some Rat's. I will have about 100 or so lures with me if anyone is interested. Thanks, Jim  

  5. I have 5 Okuma Clarion 553LS High speed 6.2:1 gear ratio for sale brand new in box unopened. I am looking for $140.00 each (sales tax included). I will ship also if need be for the cost to ship. call me at 716-796-5372 I'm located just south of Attica Ny and will be willing to meet some where to pick up with in reason. These reels are a great Copper and leadcore reel! Thanks Jim

  6. I fish from Northeast harbor up to Dunkirk.  Last year it really seemed like the ticket was lead core.  I want to get into it.  A local Field and Stream by me has a package set up which includes an Okuma Classic Pro GLT 8ft 6in rod + Okuma level wind reel + 18lb lead core + 500ft of backing for $139.  I believe it has maybe 10-12 colors.  


    Can someone school me on how to go about using it?  I understand that you get maybe 5ft of depth for every color let out, at trolling speed?  Do you just put them in your rod holders and let them go?  Can you run inline planer boards on them?  Does the lead core basically run right behind the boat?  


    I typically use two Dipsy Diver rods, two down rigger rods, and two inline planer board rods.  And Im wondering where the hell I am going to squeeze two lead core rods into the spread.  THanks for any advice.



    Pittsburgh, PA


     Doug give me a call I can answer any questions you may have. I am out of sunset bay just east of Dunkirk and primarly fish lead core. I can also set ypu up with rods and reels for a little cheaper. 716-796-5372 thanks Jim

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