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  1. Hey everyone,

    Don't wait until the last minute to get your stuff ready for hunting season. Traditions Archery in Henrietta is having a big sale on Saturday. They will be giving away 3 bows and a crossbow. There will be manufacturer representatives there with good deals on their products also. I help out during the busy season and I can tell you that all the bow hooks in the back room are almost full! So don't wait...it'll only mean a bigger line to wait at the end of to get your stuff tuned up, repaired, or setup. This sale day will be a great chance to pick up everything from bows and all imaginable accessories to scents for the upcoming season.

  2. Anyone have suggestions for someone to look over a Mercury 15hp 4stk near Conesus Lake? The motor is about 4yrs old but was only used twice right when it was bought and it has just been sitting outside unprotected on the boat for 3years now. I want to have it looked over before I try to run it. Thanks


  3. That sounded a little too much like you shouldn't care. I quoted blue green because it's really cyanobacteria. Blue-green algae isn't all bad. It's always in lakes but at times it can "bloom" when conditions that promote reproduction are present. Hopefully, it will be gone by the weekend. It needs a good wind or currents to stir it up and break up the he build up near the shoreline. It most commonly will cause a rash but it can make you feel sick too, especially if you ingest it. Pets can get sick or get a rash too, so pay attention to the pooch if you have one. I don't think there is a problem with eating fish, just rinse off the fillets and don't cook them with skin on or any of the other crap like belly meatier heads attached.

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  4. The wind pushes all the "blue-green" algae to the north end and whichever side it's blowing towards. It'll dissipate in a few days. It's nothing major, it will cause a rash but if you are fishing you'll be fine and it shouldn't be that big of a deal by the time you get here.

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  5. I'm going to try and get a Mercury 15HP Four Stroke going after sitting outside for the past 3yrs or so. The guy who had it hasn't run it since 3 summer ago. What can I expect to have to do to get this thing running? Impeller, Plugs, ???? I'm guessing its around a 2008-ish model.

  6. We were setup outside channel by 6:30 and started fishing East. Went 7/9 by 11am. Not as hot as we were hoping, but not a bad day. Mixed veggies spoon 50-75' back on the rigger took 3 whacks and the rest were off the boards on a variety of sticks. Orange/gold, orange/white, black/gold... You get the idea. All hits came between the bay and Webster Park. We pushed on towards Hedges only to find a bunch of clear water and turn around, not hits til we passed Webster Park again. The bag consisted of 2 decent browns, 2 cookie cutters, a chunky 10-12# laker, a skippy coho, and a skippy steelhead that whacked an orange stickbait as I was skipping it across the surface when we picked up just outside the channel. We may not have boated a record number of fish or any giants but it felt DAMN good to be back out there!

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  7. Thanks Les! He's capable of making a hike. I also realize that the perch have been elusive this year. I just thought I'd throw it out there. We don't have a flasher either, so his method is to just fish around the crowds and try to land on em. He never went today, he's headed out tomorrow and Saturday though.

  8. Anyone want to partner up on Thursday (tomorrow) to try for Perch on Canandaigua? My dad wants to go but has never fished the lake before, so I thought it would be cool to try and find him someone that might know about access and how to locate fish over there. I'm not familiar with the spots that were mentioned in an earlier post. I'd settle for any info even if no one wants to go out.

  9. I recieved this today at work and figured that it might interest some of you. I asked CEI and they were excited to have some fisherman involved. I hope some of you can make it and have some input into one of the important aspects of our fishery.

    Genesee River Basin Summit

    DATE: Thursday, February 6, 2014

    PLACE: Roger Robach Community Center at Ontario Beach Park

    TIME: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (doors will be open at 7:30am for set up)

    8:00 AM to 8:30 AM - Participants arrive and network (coffee & refreshments available)

    Your input will help us to improve the water quality of our watershed.

    We hope you join us!

    Please see our Summit Page for more detail or download an info. packet.

    Speakers for the morning include:

    George Thomas, Executive Director, CEI

    Corydon Ireland, Staff Writer, Harvard News Office

    Joe Makarewicz Ph.D., distinguished Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Biology, an interdisciplinary major at The College at Brockport, State University of New York

    Ron Entringer, Chief of the Water Quality Management Section in NYSDEC

    Vinnie Esposito, Executive Director of the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council and of Empire State Development –Finger Lakes Regional Office

    Complementary lunch is being provided

    The afternoon will consist of break-out sessions to brainstorm and prioritize water quality and use impairments, develop action plans to address the top three priorities and establish a basis for a Genesee River Basin Improvement Action Plan, with a wrap up at 4:00pm.

    Our goals for this Summit:

    Attract between 150 and 200 people

    Document the results in a report and circulate it to attendees Use the feedback from this workshop to guide our Genesee RiverWatch Initiative

    Plan to annually hold a follow-up event (State of the Genesee River Basin) to review progress and adjust priorities.

    Support groups of local stakeholders in follow through with project funding and development

    One of the initial and critical steps in this portion of CEI's Genesee RiverWatch initiative is to convene the region's water quality stakeholders and experts to develop a path forward to sustained improvement in water quality. This activity will involve a wide range of stakeholders, including government, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), agencies, and citizens. We envision this as an on-going process to ensure that stakeholders remain engaged in the restoration efforts. The other major components of this activity involve patrolling the river and tributaries, advocating for water quality regulations and standards, and being the voice of the Genesee River.

    CEI is currently working to organize and implement a Genesee River Basin Summit. This event will be a one-day workshop where we invite a multitude of stakeholders and experts to accomplish the following:

    • Review, discuss and document the State-of-the-Basin, including

    o Water quality investigations

    o Watershed characterizations

    o State-listed impairments

    o Past improvement activities

    o Current improvement activities

    o Planned, future activities

    • Review NYSDEC plans for the Basin

    • Brainstorm and prioritize water quality and use impairments (break-out sessions)

    • Review lists of impairments and agree on top five

    • Develop action plans to address the top five priorities (break-out sessions)

    • Establish basis for a Genesee River Basin Improvement Action Plan

    CEI expects this Summit to attract between 150 and 200 people. We will document the results in a report and circulate it to attendees for comment and revision in an attempt to reach consensus. CEI will directly use the feedback from this workshop to guide our Clean Water Initiative. We also plan to annually hold a follow-up event (State of the Genesee River Basin) to review progress and adjust priorities.

    DATE: Thursday, February 6, 2014

    PLACE: Roger Robach Community Center at Ontario Beach Park

    TIME: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    This event is made possible by the generous financial support of the Rochester Area Community Foundation and North American Breweries.

  10. the blue prints for the M.P.L.P. were hand delivered to me on Fri. night. so it's onto the next phase! total cost of this project is going to fall somewhere between 7 and 10 thousand . this may seem steep but it is 99 % stainless steel with a 1500.00 bearing designed for the mining industry. I hope to set up a meeting with the people at Meyers Point for this week and will update there after . If anyone is interested in helping out please send your donations to Roland Conner 145 Herrickville road

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  11. Sk8man, if that is the reason Crows aren't migratory, then neither are the geese you see all year long. Humans have altered the environment enough to screw with the natural life history of certain species. We have provided winter habitat and food that normally isn't here are n the winter. Not saying that is the reason for the crows, but you get the idea. Auburn has historically been a wintering area for crows, they have a big crow shoot there every year as a fundraiser for the fire dept or something along those lines.

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  12. I have been using powerbelts for a few years now and I think this year was finally the straw that breaks the camels back. I'll be spending some time at the range this summer doing some research. The first animal I killed with a PB was a cow elk with a 339gr. platinum. I made a perfect shot, pass through, but she bled minimally. I know because she didn't move, she just stood there, then laid down with her head up and I put another one in her to finish her off. Here is a picture of all of the blood that came out over the course of about a minute from a double lung hit at 40yds. Elk are big..kind of a different story. So, I wasn't afraid to use them on deer when I returned back home. Since then I have shot a handful of deer with them (245gr. Copper HP's and Aerotips) and none of those deer have bled. I have shot them through at T/C and a CVA Optima V2. The last deer this year was a doe at 20yds (if that) and it didn't even pass through the chest cavity. No shoulder blades, no legs....just ribs. I like the idea that the bullet broke up and all that energy was absorbed by the deer, but there was ZERO blood trail. It didn't run far enough to worry and there was snow on the ground but many of the previous deer that fell to them were in dry conditions, and ran out of sight. They kill deer, but they have made me more nervous than excited while trying to find them. I think that other than the elk I've only had one other shot that passed through the chest.


  13. Check out Thunder Ridge Outfitters.  I did a drop camp for antelope with them and immediately decided to do a drop camp hunt with them for elk.  I also have have 3yrs worth of preference points in WY now.  These guys are a small, affordable operation and they are just genuine hardcore hunters who like to help people have a once in a lifetime experience..  Their trophy room is proof of that.  The drop camp couldn't have been better, and the results of their guided hunts are plastered all over their website.  I'd look into them if I were you.  Ron and Randy are a couple of great guys and I'm sure you'd be happy.  They are great at communicating before the hunt to make sure everything is in line, they help with choosing the right unit(s) when it comes to application time, and they have all the bases covered when it comes time to hunt. 


    We just paid for a drop camp, but when we realized that having a GPS unit with the BLM vs. private land boundaries uploaded on it was going to really help Randy just gave us his.  He spent the week hunting for himself and doing a little guiding but would stop back in to see how we were making out and offer suggestions/share stories.  He didn't have to do any of that. 








  14. Tried to get out on LO first thing but it was too rough to have any fun so we shot down to the Woodville launch.  Set up as soon as we got into 100' of water and trolled North along the East side.  We turned around at Vine Valley, then went back up and crossed the lake and just worked that southern portion of the lake the whole time.  It was tough to leave the screen we had, but maybe we would have found some hungry fish if we had.


    We marked plenty of bait with hooks around them, many random hooks, and some bait with no hooks.  I think it was the most promising screen we've had while fishing this lake.  That being said, we couldn't move a rod all day.  We fished from maybe 8 til 1:30 and never had a release.  I think that's the first time I've ever been skunked out there, usually we pick up and find we've been dragging a small laker or something. 


    There were only two of us so we ran a 10 color core pulling a mixed veggie, 2 riggers cheated with free sliders, and a wire.  Riggers at 50 and 70 (and later 90 as some bait was showing up 90-120), wire at 200 then at 120.  We washed a standard size mixed veggie as well as a mini one (not sure what stinger calls these).  We also ran F/F off one rigger and on the wire.  The other rigger we ran 2 spoons.  The spoons we used were NBK, Spook, Wonderbread, King of Sting, Glow Frog, Green Gator, and a Dirty White Boy.  The spin doc's I used were hawg wild, white with green dot, mt dew crush glow, globanero, a mt dew crush glow pro troll, and a white crush glow luhrs 000.  Tried long leads off the ball, short leads, then really long leads, but couldn't get anything to work. 


    Flea's weren't bad, grass was tolerable, and it was a beautiful day.  Took a good nap on the bean bag chair, had a delicious sub and didn't get sunburned or chewed up by flies so I guess I can't complain too much.  Well....until I got home and realized that an entire box of Spin Doctors had bounced out of the boat somewhere between Woodville and Mendon along Rt. 64.  I had to drive 4hrs more to where I'm working this week so couldn't make the drive back down to look for it.  I just hope someone that can use them found them and they weren't pulverized into the road all afternoon.  It would be too much to imagine that someone picked them up and I would connect with that person. 



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