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  1. Head over to Traditions Archery in Suburban plaza in Henrietta. The best bow on the market for this situation is a Mission Craze or Riot. the craze adjusts from 15-30in draw length and from 19-70 lbs draw weight. It can grow with her, it's very affordable and most Importantly they will set it up properly and be there should you need them in the future for help, modifications or upgrades. Like · More · Just now

  2. Just talked to my friend that fishes that all the time and said the ice is good and the fishing has been good.  When I was up there a couple weeks ago with him the giant gills and crappie were hitting real good.  Waxworms on a green jig were better than anything.  A few small pickerel were caught but mainly panfish.

  3. Its not that uncommon!  Late born fawns will often come into estrus very late in the first year if the conditions are right.  I've seen some chasing activity in the past couple weeks up here in NY as well.  As long as there is enough nutritional value in the food source they are on to support the hormone change, it can happen.

  4. Crossroads Limbhangers Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation

    Annual Hunting Heritage Banquet

    Saturday, March 30, 2013

    Lima Country Club 7470 Chase Road Lima, NY 14485

    Opening 5:00 pm Dinner 6:30pm

    Banquet Meal, Live and Silent Auctions, Raffles, Door Prize,
    Fun and Fellowship for the Family!

    Auction of Wildlife Art Works and Raffle Numerous Prizes and
    hunting Related Items, Including –

    The Limited Edition 2013 NWTF Gun of the Year:
    Browning Silver Auto-Loading 12ga. Shotgun


    *We will have at least 10 different guns to give away this night!

    Ticket Prices: (Includes membership and magazine)
    SINGLE $55.00 COUPLE $75.00
    SPONSOR $270.00 SPONSOR Couple $290.00

    JAKES ( up to 17 years old) $30.00

    Corporate Table $525.00 (includes one sponsor membership, 3 reg. memberships, 4 meal tickets – total 8 people)

    Only 140 tickets will be sold for this banquet so get your tickets early.
    Monies raised at this event will help fund our JAKES Youth Turkey Hunt, Wheelin' Sportsman Disabled Hunt, Wounded Warrior/Veteran Salmon fishing tournament, turkey donations to local food banks, seed subsidies, as well a scholarship to a graduating senior in the area




    PACKAGE A: Regular Member: $55 (Couples $75)
    - (1) membership + meal (+ 2 meals for couples ticket)
    - (1) Chance at $100 worth of raffle tickets

    PACKAGE B: Regular Member + Pre-Buy $125 Raffle tickets: $180 (Couples $200)
    - (1) membership + meal (+2 meals for couples ticket)
    - $300 worth of raffle tickets
    - (1) 40th Anniversary NWTF Camo Ball Cap
    - (1) LED Flashlight/Pocket Knife Combo
    - (1) Chance at additional $100 worth of raffle tickets
    - (2) Chances at Weatherby 12ga Shotgun in Mothwing Camo
    - (15) Chances at Mossberg Maverick 20ga Pump Shotgun

    PACKAGE C: Sponsor Member: $270 (Couples $290)
    - (1) Sponsor Membership + meal (+2 meals for couples ticket)
    - $500 worth of raffle tickets
    - (1) 40th Anniversary NWTF Camo Ball Cap
    - (1) Chance at additional $100 worth of raffle tickets
    - (5) Chances at Weatherby 12ga Shotgun in Mothwing Camo
    - (25) Chances at Mossberg Maverick 20ga Pump Shotgun
    - (1) Chance at Sponsor Gun: Remington 770 Rifle (.270) ***Max. 1 in 15 chance***
    - NWTF Boyt Shoulder Bag
    - NWTF Ceramic Mug
    - Bronze Sponsor Lapel Pin
    - Sponsor Ribbon

    PACKAGE D: Corporate Table: $525 (8 people)
    - (1) Sponsor Membership + meal with all the incentives in Package C above
    - (3) Regular Memberships + meals
    - (4) Meal Only attendees
    - Advertising in our program, on your table, and the option to hang a banner or place another advertisement in the room the night of the banquet.

    *To clarify the above packages, if you buy your tickets before the early bird deadline we will give you a chance to win $100 worth of raffle tickets. If you pre-pay for $125 dollars worth of raffle tickets we will give you $300 worth. If you wait to purchase tickets the night of the banquet you will only get what you pay for. If you know you will be buying a book of raffle tickets that night you can more than double your chances by pre-paying for them.

    Contact: Brian Gottfried
    Phone 571-334-4645 or email: [email protected]

    Your tickets will be held at will call at the front door.
    Thank you for your support to the NWTF.



  5. Thanks for the reply!

    Yeah, I really don't want to try and splice it. In a perfect world I'd be able to find a patch cable of any length that has a male end (like the back of the unit) that I could screw the existing cable on and off of. The other end would be a female end I could fix to the back of the unit. I wouldn't know where to begin to find or even look for a cable like that. I think if there was something like that it would work. The collar on the existing cable is good, its just the part that recieves that collar on the unit that broke. I can push it on there and stuff a tackle box behind it and it will work, but rough days it just falls off. We use the GPS for speed, so it's kind of important.

  6. The black collar shown in this picture (the 7 pin port) has cracked and broken off. Anyone have a good idea for fixing this? I know it looks like it is just a screw in part that could be replaced. However, I contacted Garmin and they said they don't make the replacement part for this so the only thing I could do is buy a new unit. That's not really an option right now. I was thinking about fixing the cable permanently to the back of the unit with some plastic weld but I still need to be able to take it off the dash after fishing. Is splicing this kind of cable to put a quick disconnect in even possible? Any other suggestions?




  7. Haven't heard any reports either but I'm sure there will be safe ice somewhere. There were guys out on Honeoye today off of California Ranch. Do you know if Art's is still open or anywhere else to get bait in the area?

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  8. It was a quick fix and only about $15 more than the cap itself. 3 screws, a pair of hose clamps, and a ground wire and it was replaced. It makes it easy when you can just simply remove a panel off the inside wall and get at the fill hose clamps. 10min job

  9. Does anyone in the Rochester area know where I could find a deck fill gas cap like this one? I just need the screw in part....yeah, it got left on the gunwale at the gas station and fell off somewhere down the road :$ I guess I should have screwed the keeper chain back down a long time ago, but I didn't.


  10. Nick, we are out right now at Ibay and really only 2-4's. But warm water....68degrees 90 foot down!

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    My normal fishing partner is in the 20' whaler near you, if you get a chance could you hit him up and maybe key him in to whats working for you? He's struggling to get a hit (isn't everyone?). He's probably on ch 73. Boat name is the bahtenda.

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  11. If you had 300 feet out and the diver hit bottom and you read your depth finder and it said 78 ft, what was the true of depth of the diver over 200 feet behind your boat? It should be deeper than 78 ft

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    No, I was watching close and as soon as it ticked I knew the depth. So even over 200fow it still would be down only 78ft.

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    I think he was referring to the slope of the bottom. As in, if you hit bottom with your wire rod (which is somewhere near 200' behind the boat, you were reading the graph 200' south of where the line hit bottom. On that note, unless there is a crazy drop off in Sodus 200' isn't going to make more than a 1' or so difference in depth. That make sense?

  12. What a great fish of a lifetime - congrats!

    Brian - the DEC can age lake trout by scales (highly unreliable especially with older fish) but I know they can also look at bone structures (possibly called otoliths) in their inner ears which I think can grow like rings on a tree. The only way they could do this would be to cut into the fish and I don't think you're going to want that until the Derby is over...lol.

    Great job on your fish bud,

    - Chris

    That's right! Otoliths are actually round(ish) calcifications in the "ear". They have to extract them and then slice them very thin and count the growth rings. That would be the best way to age one. It may take some extra effort but you could probably get at them from inside the mouth since you are planning on doing a skin mount.

    Congrats on that awesome fish!


  13. For a marina with experienced fisherman in the bay that are targeting stripers in the fall start contacting Marinas in Deale, MD or around the NAS Pax River base area. Lots of stiper fisherman out of there. The season ends in early-mid December but that late season is a great time to catch the big ones. Tom Heacock (Foolish Pleasure Charters-410 804-8511) is a great guy to talk to. He has recently downsized his operation but he is very knowledgeable.

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