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  1. Sold sorry been working
  2. tomsteelie

    Misc reels

    I’ll take all the reels but the abu’s
  3. tomsteelie

    Miscellaneous rods

    I’ll take the eagle claws accudeoths. Great Lakes. The planer board rod. The accudepth with spare tip. I’ll take all you tells but the abu’s
  4. Tekota 500 like new with matching tdr rod. 180$
  5. Various flashers as shown 60$
  6. Selling all together if I can
  7. Sold to Outwest pending payment
  8. 2 wire combos. 1 - the Okuma is brand new with Cabela’s rod. 1000’ blood run. 1 - south bend line counter had as a back up with brand new okuma rod. 1000’ wire. Like new Great Drag. Hamburg NY
  9. Big Jon planner board mast and boards. ( needs one clutch and washer) 100$ Hamburg NY