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  1. Nys now only needs one bill of sale. New form. Bill of sale did not need notary. Totes had to be. Their signature had to be. I sent all paperwork back to the widow in PA she had her Signature 's notorized. If you look on the PA title the top section on back does not ask for you're signature just you're name as buyer and address. I did have bottom section notearized with my signature but NYS DMV said that wasn't needed. I just did all this so hope this helps

  2. 14' Boat

    1966 Lonestar 14' boat with reg. Trailer no reg. Took off the outboard from this boat.  The Transom was redone. Solid as can be. Floor was redone. it is solid and floats. Had a 50 hp but you could put a tiller on it. 200 bucks.




  3. Actually I just sold boat for 1200 bucks to another guy Who is going to sell it. The guy I was suppossed to work on it with said too much work I picked it up no ? Asked went over the boat for 4 hours outside. Needed a lot for me. Luckily I found a buyer quick. it's Craigslist dude. My wife was pissed. I won't get into what the boat needed but that's the chance you take. Find something better to do with you're time

  4. 1969 Aluminum Deep -V. Listing for a frein d. This boat was purchased and Transom replaced. It does not leak rides dry for a 16'. It has a 55 lb Thrust Minn kota. Small Garmin fish finder. 12 gallon portable gas tank. Lights work and it has a bilge pump. 1987 Johnson 50 HP outboard that was professionally installed. VRO is dis engaged it is pre mix. It was used a dozen times He had some issues so I am selling for him. I did take it out today to make sure it was as he stated and it ran fine. Basic trailer. Lights work. All paperwork. South of Buffalo. Thanks.













  5. Mike is a Great guy i received my payment 2 days ago and this transaction was 100% good. my apologies to this post and the misunderstanding. good luck to all the fisherman in the future. Once again my apologies. This issue is solved thanks for being so understanding MIKE. Good Luck and Good fishing.Thanks again to all those ive had interactions with

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