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  1. I have a pair of cannon riggers I would like to wire up, the current connections are a male female plug that came wired to the riggers, my question is .... Will the flush mount wireing acessorie from cannon take the male and female connection from the rigger, I assume it will? But in the pictures of the flush mount connection the yellow receptor looks like it takes two males not one of each?

    Or do I Just cut the conectors off wire in a inline fuse and connect directly of battery?

  2. Poke , just finished them the pin is a friction fit ... I got that out the bolt was tuff but I screwed a nut on it and hit it out with a ball peen hammer they are not threaded, they just are friction fit they will not turn the only wAy out is to knock them out . I need a few more holders if you know anyone who has any

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  3. I have big job rod holders ( the ones that you pull the spring loaded pin to adjust ) I need to separate the wheel with the holes in it from the aluminum base to get access to the bolt that comes through the bottom of the base... I need to remove it and put longer bolts through the base? The pin that holds it together looks like a friction fit pin( like they uses to hold guns together) just wanted to know if anyone else has had one apart before I start beating on it with a center punch?

    Thanks in advance!

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  4. You got outriggers...use them for your copper. That is the best use of equipment you already have, not to mention quick and fun. Lure Speed changes dramatically with turns and rough water trolling to help trigger hits...especialy on spoons. Get a 600 and a shorter 300 or 400. You can run the 600 any distance and the 300,400 can be your middle ground. Keep the two at least 100 foot length apart.


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    Mark , will the outriggers with copper clear the dipsey with no issues?

  5. I've done some research on this and know it will start an argument and there are better choices. I'm just looking for some of your opinions. My littlest brother will be old enough to gun hunt soon and really likes the .223. Bullet style and size will be a factor all shots will be under 150 yds most being under 80yds. Any suggestions or experience with this would be great. I do handload so custom ammo is an option.

    A 223 will work fine I have seen that cartridge blow threw a shoulder and out the other side of a white tail ,at 100 yards, what the bullet lacks in grains it makes up for in speed.

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