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  1. agreed with both of BS and captain larry. If you would like to target bass pre-esox opener you would be better off going to a lake like honeoye or somewhere with bass and no pike then this wouldnt be an issue.

    We have had quite a few pike come out of honeoye these past years, some upwards of 50''

  2. Picking up your speed as well as fishing the thermocline which varies between 20 and 30 foot down gives you the best chance at browns and bows. slower is still better for lakers. The average laker in canadice is about half the size of the average laker in hemlock. However the average brown in canadice doubles that in hemlock. Its a matter of preference. Also just figuring out the fish and what they want. Suttons work great off of riggers as do flasher/fly combos. I also like running dipsey divers off the sides with a four inch blue or silver n black rapala to pick fish up. If you want salmon flat lineing a stickbait or spoon can be deadly at times too.

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    Thanks for the advice Rippin', do you pick up land locks in either lakes consistently?

  3. pfd's?

    Are they required while using the electric motor?

    Yup. If you are under power, and in a boat under 21' you need one until May. As for the question about catching things trolling slow, run jointed rapalas, sutton spoons, and kwikfish for other species. We do it trolling lakers on Lake Ontario and catch other species of trout and salmon fishing lakers.

    Thanks for clearing and for the advice Gambler

  4. Do you guys use a depth finder? If so I stay about 5 to 10 ft off bottom. Nice to see someone pulling trout out of there. Im more of a hemlock guy but when I go there and ask around everyone usually says they got skunked. Have you been picking up anything besides lakers?

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    This was our 3rd time out trolling ever, and yes we do use a depth finder. So far only lakers but would like to try for some other species when this wind lets up and we can get out again. Question, can you pick up other species while trolling slow for lakers (1.5ish) or are we better off speeding up a bit to around 2.2 ish so we can still pick up lakers as well as picking up bows and browns perhaps?

  5. got out today for a couple hours for my friend and I's second attempt at trolling for trout. First time we landed 1 measley laker on a downrigger. Today we landed a couple nice lakers all on a meat rod because we kept donating rigger weights to the bottom of the lake :devil: . Finally think we're starting to get the hang of this trolling deal but still have a lot more to learn. Gonna give it a go again tomorrow afternoon if ya see some kids in an old starcraft that'll be us.


    one we kept for the grill

  6. Name: Zack

    Location: Honeoye

    Home Port: Honeoye lake

    Boat Name/Type: "SS Tilapia" 16" sea nymph back troller

    I fish for: fun


    Hello all, I've been lurking around the site for quite some time and figured I'd finally sign up and contribute some of my learnings and hopefully learn a ton more about fishing. I'm 19 and have been fishing for as long as I can remember along with hunting. I spend a ton of time on the water (up to 60 days on the water as of last week this year) targetting everything from panfish and trout to bass and our elusive fingerlakes walleye. I'm looking forward to partaking in some of the discussions on here and learning as much as I can.

    Here are a few pics of this years catch


    some eyes


    couple gills and an eye from honeoye


    smally from canadice

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