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  1. If anyone wants to collaborate, I will be fishing out of Wilson this week... I'll be happy to share our experiences.   Send me a PM and I'll share my cell.  
    Plan to run a 6 rod spread.  (2) 200/300 Weighted Steel on inline planer boards, (2) Wire Divers, (2) Riggers.  
     P.s.  we plan to crush it!!  
    "P. S. we plan to crush it!"

    This honestly made me laugh out loud. I love the enthusiasm. I hope you do crush it. Good luck.

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  2. SOLD ..SOLD

    2 Sealine 47H Work properly

    1 Daiwa Accudepth47lc works properly

    1 Daiwa 47SH works but not great

    2 Daiwa Sealine Great Lakes Work but not great.

    The three reels that don't work great were taken out of circulation on my boat for various reasons. Drag is bad or can't reel in under load. They work on the bench. The rods are all 8'6. One is missing the butt end. Pick up only in Lyndonville NY. I am not shipping. I am not spltting up. If I have trouble selling as is , I will relist separately. 1624715004408.thumb.jpeg.2f7ffa5b8d9578d66b47cc8a1534c513.jpeg1624715037303.thumb.jpeg.2a5b4fdf2250cc478b983358f4502cad.jpeg1624715072370.thumb.jpeg.a8b8bb7e02891d21d78e7d371015e787.jpeg1624715124450.thumb.jpeg.e0ab9cf88515928e9d109c17b7f98869.jpeg1624715668189.thumb.jpeg.7b76c961a3bceef6ec750252337c62f5.jpeg


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  3. I didn't take the helm apart or anything but after removal I could hear it and feel it. Just to clarify removal from the motor. I cut the cable, pulled out 5 inches from the motor and cut again then the rest came out. Hope that makes sense? I installed baystar hydraulic steering kit rated for up to a 150 HP motor. Cost like $600 to $700 I think. Super easy to install. Comes with a new helm. Installing the new helm is the hardest part but it's not bad. When you remove the old helm you have a 2" hole. New helm is 2.5". Well the only way to make a 2" hole 2.5" is to get a 2.5" holesaw on an arbor then screw on a 2" hole saw as the guide. Go slow and it works great. Like I said, I think it's the best upgrade I ever did to my boat. Been on there at least a year now.

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