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  1. I ran into him once while duck hunting public property. He was obnoxious and unprofessional. It definitely was all about him. Duck hunting is a passion, and when passionate duck hunters hunt near each other they are courteous and thoughtful. Very few things are as rewarding, as shooting ducks at 15 yards that you fooled with your decoys and call. Anyone can shoot ducks over bait, and Bill Saiff is an outlaw from his own admittance.

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  2. Garrymny, I have lived next to Lake Ontario my whole life and experience the same as you. Other guys slamming​ them we don't catch anything good. "Should have been here yesterday". Lol. Sometimes we slam them and others don't. X4d does help you not waste time. If your in 120 fow and it's 38° down 60'. There no fish there. Go to 250 fow 80' down 38° no fish there. Go to 450 fow 80' down 52° water but no fish marks. Well that's better than fishing 38° . See where I'm going? Many different opinions on "the best temperature" . Best advice,. Fish where the fish are.

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  3. Plenty of fish caught without fishhawk. It's a tool, not a magical fishing machine. Go to lake troll at 2.5 mph(gps) where fish are at on depth finder. Probably 50-80 foot down. When you catch a fish check to see what fishhawk says. Over time you may see a pattern. If your fish finder marks fish 57 foot down? Where would you put your downrigger? Probably 57'. I have owned x4d for 2 years and somedays I use it some I don't. It's just tool.

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  4. So I raided a local yard sale and picked up a big box of stuff for a great deal so I have some stuff I don't use and partial don't know what they even do lol so I figured I'd put up for sale here. I do not have prices as I am new and trust you guys so not to worried can pm offers or I'd be more interested in trading for other gear. Would consider adding cash for stuff I need. Snap weights, trolling flies, stickbait, lure storage ect is all stuff I'm looking for.
    1. 6 scotty planer board releases
    2. 3 ? Releases
    3. 17 clips (no idea what they do or are called)
    4. Snap rings
    5. 2 diawa 27 lc (all seem to work well loud clickers and lc rolls)
    6. Magda pro 15 lc (seems to work well loud clicker and lc rolls)20170419_160124.thumb.jpg.c6733f62ac89779c04b69d4e04e305b2.jpg20170419_160139.thumb.jpg.318af424f63b82e93c4e57bfc1d48514.jpg20170419_160150.thumb.jpg.52a3dc3aef7e8bea89f826befd292a7b.jpg20170419_160157.thumb.jpg.b6fe22830b617275033fee4679af548b.jpg20170419_160935.thumb.jpg.113fe06b032e486f0453a55d325ab448.jpg20170419_161011.thumb.jpg.38600308b8e72984d074a07b8e0e5809.jpg20170419_160950.thumb.jpg.d87d87c5140a4da3b8d9fcddb255d9c9.jpg20170419_160959.thumb.jpg.20dbc4d020c409451ff26823082315e2.jpg
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    #3 item is used to attach duck decoys to a long line. You have some nice stuff, it's going to go fast. Where are you located?

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  5. What do you expect Honda to do? It's an eight year old motor, that possibly lacked regular maintenance. Maybe you never changed the oil. Maybe you failed to replace the cooling impeller. Regarding the mechanic,.. sometimes there is more than one thing wrong with mechanical equipment and you have to fix one problem to find the second problem. Just because it has a cracked block doesnt mean the carb didn't need to be rebuilt. I'm just trying to give you a different perspective. I would get a second opinion. I must stress that I'm not trying very to be a jerk. Just playing devil's advocate.

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  6. not far off robert moses hwy on 18 headed for wilson on the right...there is/was a crestliner sitting in a yard on the right...well before lakeview motel.  Last I saw it (fall) it had small trees / large plants growing out of it.  Been there for several years.

    I have been eyeballing that boat for several years. Such a waste. It would be a project. I think they would just let you have it..Tires are about 8" in the ground...Slowly sinking every year.

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