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  1. Today I took my hatches to the basement to recore the one that was soft and the other depending on how much of a pain in the balls that one was. I was working hard to get a little of what there was left of solid balsa off the top skin of fiberglass. My uncle who does finish work came down and saw what I was doing and ran up to his truck and got me one of those oscillating dremel cutting tool deals. I put the wide half moon looking blade on there and it works perfectly. Wide enough to keep from cutting into the skin and cuts under the core material perfectly to get it off the glass.

    If anyone needs to recore deck hatches I HIGHLY recommend investing in one of these tools. What it took me an hour to get done with a wide chisel scraper I got done in 5 minutes with this tool.

    Pics show how bad this one hatch is weighed probably 50lbs more than the other one of the same size. Image1525663484.581185.jpgImage1525663495.475913.jpg

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  2. Fished with Dave on the .com last year for bottom fish with some guys from work. Him and Sandro were really good guys and Dave actually showed a lot of interest and asked a lot of questions about how we fish. His boat is seriously impressive, the day we went out it was 10-12 footers and he parked it into the wind and the boat soaked almost everything up. I didn’t ask them too much about the show because i figured he was sick of those questions but he did say they get much less per pound but catch usually around 90-100 fish a year. IMG_0422.JPGIMG_0426.JPGIMG_0525.JPG

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  3. Thanks guys, it’s getting there still a lot of work to do getting the motors set and running but it’ll all be worth it when kings start coming over the back

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  4. Just figured I’d throw up a couple pics and story of the restoration of my 10 Meter Trojan. I bought the boat at the end of last summer in need of a port engine. Since then I have stripped bottom to gel coat and redid it in black, degreased sanded and painted the engine room, port side and center, the stbd engine was in the boat when i bought it and i was going to just get a long block for that side until i found two used crusader long blocks and had them rebuilt(machine work, I’m assembling them myself) when the stbd motor comes out this weekend I’ll paint that side, and redid the battery box. The upholstery is at the shop being redone right now. Upgraded the electronics with furuno units I got out of a Tiara demo boat to keep cost down and went through and scrubbed all areas of the bilge. I thought I would have a lot more done at this point but this lack of spring has me way behind. I have quite a bit of work to do getting the new motors in but hope to splash in time for the canal opening so I can get it to Oswego ASAP. IMG_0054.JPG20915592_1605959476102631_7628004200714936760_n.jpgIMG_0826.JPGIMG_0856.JPGIMG_0828.JPGIMG_0114.JPG



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  5. Depends on where you live, price, etc. For me oswego is way more of a straight shot. A slip over 30’ is 1500 for the season with power and water at wrights for non resident, 1300(?) for under 30’. I also like fishing Oswego as you’re right in the middle of everything and it’s not too long of a run anywhere.

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  6. Depends what you wanna do and what shape it’s in. If it’s starting to come off in big flakes I’d scrape and sand it and start over right. I just did my Trojan in the fall, a lot of work but well worth it

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  7. Stop glorifying this stuff in the media then. Kids today are followers and want as much attention as possible with no regard for consequences (because the most basic childhood disciplinary consequences are considered abuse now). As for the whole “military style” guns are bad conversation, the most deadly school shooting (VA Tech) was carried out with 2 glocks. Why do these scumbags use AR’s? Because the media glorifies them as the guns to use for mass shootings.

    As far as Remington being in financial trouble. Besides the market being down I’m not sure if you guys have seen Remington products in the last 10 years but besides Rem Oil I don’t think I’d give them 3 cents for anything.

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  8. Pelthunter - that's a fantastic display of massive trouts. Which part of NZ are you travelling?  I will be heading down to NZ - Bay of Islands for the  Marlins and the Swordfish in the beginning of March.

    Hey sorry I just saw this. I go down to Christchurch (middlish of the South Island) every year for work. This is the first time I’ve had some time off to try to fish. From what I found out talking to some guys that worked at this store trout fishing is very big their but they are experiencing a lot of baitfish issues similar to us and it’s causing size to go down. It was cool to see they use some similar tactics to us.

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  9. Are you looking for a block or a runnable engine? I just picked up 2 crusaders off craigslist for 400 bucks (rotating assembly, block, oil pan, heads, intake and valve covers) to rebuild for my 10 meter. I tore them down to take to the machine shop and one was already rebuilt. There's a lot of them around the state on CL right now.

  10. 1987 10 Meter Mid Cabin LISTING FOR A FRIEND USE CONTACT INFO PROVIDED boat is located in Michigan

    -454 Crusaders with 2500 hrs

    -Raymarine Auto and Electronics

    -New Stringers and 4 Blade Acme props 4 yrs ago

    -New vinyl on Bolsters and Seats last season and new canvas going on currently.

    -USCG and MI DNR Inspected

    -much more I'm forgetting

    Asking $25,000


    Please Contact Capt Jason Phelps for more info (616) 862-1899



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  11. Congrats Pequod! And congrats to everyone else that punched a tag this year. Along the lines of what BSmaster said the second half of this season my heart just wasn’t in it at all. I even went out and bought a brand new muzzleloader last Monday to extend my season got it sighted in and then found every excuse not to go out. I never really got a glimpse of anything better than a questionable shooter and I let him walk last week of bow season. Also lost a couple hundred acres of great hunting ground and figured I could work through that but it’s hard to stay pumped up to hunt while you’re pounding the same 3 small tracts of land. A lot of my buddies have switched to primarily waterfowl hunting over the last few years and with the limited hunting land left available without driving 3-4 hours out west I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t do the same. I’m sure on October 1st 2018 my mindset will be completely different though.

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