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  1. Congrats to your son Rob. Im up at my grandfathers in the Adirondacks for thanksgiving we have about 150 acres to hunt here surrounded by state land right at the bottom of the hill behind his house is all thick pines and swamp so I waited for the thanksgiving day drives to conclude and just headed out to still hunt that area. Figured I’d keep it traditional Adirondack hunting for thanksgiving and brought along my 1932 model 99 .300 savage. I learned a long time ago from an old guy out in Montana that you can always tell a 99 from the ADKs because the blueing is worn down on the receiver from long walks in the woods and mine is no different.Image1511453088.830903.jpgImage1511453271.304641.jpg

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  2. Figured I’d share this pic and story since it just came up on Facebook (and since i don’t have any new stories to tell lol). 10 years ago today i killed my first deer in Yaak Montana, 13 years old. My dads buddy that I’m with in this picture (not known for being the greatest shot) had shot the twin about 5 minutes before came over the radio and told us he’d hit a buck, after his second or third shot we stood up to go help him and this deer came running by. My uncle grunted and he came right back to about 40 yards staring right at us. I remember like it was yesterday watching my crosshairs circling around his chest and pulling the trigger to “lead” my excitement. Deer flipped over backwards and ran about 20 yards.Image1511352735.692323.jpg

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  3. How does your opening day get worse on the 2nd day? You retrieve your camera card from the stand you sat in all day till 1pm and decide to go to another property just shoot me now

    I feel your pain. I had a bunch of stuff to get together before heading back home so I didn’t go out this morning. Went to set a camera at the spot I sat yesterday morning and almost went to this morning. My cousins had gone around the property checking for trespassers on their Gator at about 9 they said. At 10 when I was down there about 100 yards from where I sat yesterday there was a huge buck track on top of the tire track of the gator. After spending some time hunting with and doing a lot of listening to Tom Blais who used to hunt with the Benoit’s and was their cameraman for years I’m not sure if it was a huge buck but I can say it was a mature older deer for sure.

  4. Just got out of the woods changing it up to a different spot. On the walk out bumped a doe and small buck out of some thick stuff about 300 yards behind the house, only deer I saw all day. Almost shot the doe but figured she was locked down with that little buck I should let her breed and hope she makes it.

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