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  1. I for one know exactly what happens with the media covering fish catches like this because my dad is the sports/outdoors writer for the D and C. Last year, he wrote a column on a bass fisherman who caught a 45-50" musky in the St. Lawrence and unfortunately killed the fish. I thought that my dad was wrong to write that story and paint the guy as a hero when in fact he was just some idiot too uneducated to see how precious a fish like that is to the fishery. My dad told me he felt it was wrong too but the paper sees big fish stories as a way to sell, no matter what happens to the fish in the end. He got a lot of angry emails after the story ran from a lot of musky anglers and also a lot of emails of people saying how great a fish story that was and that they were going to try to catch a musky now because of it. I think the non-fishing public in general still doesn't completely get catch-and-release the way a majority of anglers do. Most of my relatives at family get-togethers still ask how a fish tasted when they see a picture on my wall and I always have to go through the process of telling them that I let it go. There certainly needs to be more work done educating the general public on catch and release and its benefits, especially with species like the musky.
  2. You guys have it easy. My dad covers them (sportswriter). All 17 years of my life have seen very depressing fall Sunday afternoons (until I found trib fishing of course )
  3. The only thing that should (and is) kept secret are trib names and locations. Other than that, this site has been great for me, especially with info on all of the finger lakes. I don't get out much with my dad so when we do go, it is nice to have some current knowledge of what's biting on what where . And one thing I have learned from this site is that just because one guy posts a trip report saying how he went out and hammered them at this one spot this many feet down on this particular one lure, it doesn't mean your going to go do exactly what he did and hammer them too. But seeing successful reports from others keeps you going back at it, even when you start to think that there are no fish in the entire lake (which happens to me a lot!). Oh and BTW, every time we go out in the summer, we usually see about five boats tops fishing the same multi-mile stretch of water. I wouldn't exactly call that crowded But I don't know; I can't seem to catch a laker for my life lately . Maybe these lakes are too crowded then.
  4. The first fish was on a 4 inch rebel stickbait that the fish hit as we were letting out line to set up the downrigger. The second was on a rapala dt thug that goes down about 10-15 feet that we set out after catching the first one thinking we might be on to something. Nice fish Fish Junkie. Did you get a weight on it? Your alewife theory makes perfect sense. All week when we were there, we never caught even smaller fish in less than 40 feet. Last year, my dad caught another giant out of there. It really is an awesome bass lake.
  5. Its worth it. Hopefully u brought the riggers. I'll pm u with info.
  6. Thanks guys. Treerat, I've been fishing it since I was little on family vacations and always have done well with smallmouth but nothing like the size of these two. It was amazing. I have no idea what they are doing out that deep though. Must be following the baitfish.
  7. Yes sir, any rocky area seemed to be productive.
  8. A few giant smallmouth! We trolled the bluff area from 8-11 yesterday down 80 over 100 feet of water and couldn't catch a single laker. What we did catch were two of the biggest bass I have ever seen and the biggest for our boat on flatlined crankbaits ran next to our downrigger rods. We didn't get a weight on the first fish (the bigger of the two) but did on the second which was 5.0 even. Would have liked some lakers for the table but these were the next best thing! Both fish we're released and swam away strong.
  9. I paddled through both lakes on a canoe trip last month. Both were pretty big by adirondack standards. We didn't fish 7th at all but did a little on 8th at the south shore and caught a few little smallies. Best bait I found to work in all the lakes on the trip was a little rapala. They both seemed like great lakes to fish and you should have no problems with bass but I don't know about lakers. If you have downriggers, probably just find the deepest water and troll the bottom. Good luck! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. Maybe whirling disease or some other salmonid disease?
  11. haha yeah its a really bad pic. Didn't notice my eyes were like that!
  12. haha yeah its a really bad pic. Didn't notice my eyes were like that!
  13. Thanks for the comments guys. I got a few fish pics from my friend's camera. This was one of the better smallies on Upper Saranac and this was the chub-like thing I was catching. Sorry, its a bad pic. I'm pretty sure this is what they were (Fallfish)
  14. Definately. I always hate coming home
  15. Hey guys, Just got back from my adirondack trip. A group of four friends and I paddled the Northern Forest Canoe Trail route from Old Forge to Saranac Lake, a route that went through the Fulton chain of lakes, Raquette Lake, Forked Lake, the Raquette River, Long Lake, the Raquette River (again), Upper Saranac, Middle Saranac, and Lower Saranac lakes, and Oseetah lake/Lake Flower. The trip distance was a little over 90 miles altogether and we did it in 5 days, camping out each night. After that, we hung around the Lake Placid/Saranac Lake area and climbed a bunch of high peaks. I didn't get to fish as much as I would have liked but when I did, the fishing was incredible, especially for smallmouth. At one spot below a waterfall, I caught around 30 smallmouth in two hours. The deeper lakes were really good too around deep points and big rocks. No real size at all; the biggest were around 2.5 lbs but they fight like crazy in colder water. Best baits were tiny floating rapalas and the Yo Zuri Pins minnow but I caught a few on senkos and tubes and a couple on topwater. Caught a few little pike and Largemouth as well and a bunch of these chub-like things. I think they were Fallfish? No fish pics with me; my friend has them on his camera and hasn't uploaded them yet. But I do have some paddling/mountain pics It was an awesome trip.