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  1. I have two Cannon dual axis rod holders on my boat and one had a catastrophic failure yesterday.  The bottom pin that holds the pistol grip in place broke through the casting.  I called Cannon and was told it is out of warranty and there are no replaceable parts.    My second one shows bulging on the edge at the same spot and will surely fail at some point.  I asked if they had redesigned this holder since I bought mine (2014) because there is very little material between the pin hole and the edge of the casting.  They promissed to check and get back to me. 


    Has anyone else had this issue with this holder?  I love how they work but don't want to buy any more unless there is more material holding these pins in place.  Maybe I just got a bad batch?



  2. 20 hours ago, Dances with Fish said:

    Looking to put an auto pilot on my Lund Baron with Yamaha outboard.   In doing some research there are many options and I prefer to use the advice

    of an expert to insure the system is done correctly.   Any suggestions on who to contact to review options and also to install the unit.  

    Hank at L&M put a Garmin unit on my Baron and I am very happy with it.  It controls both the Yamaha 250 main and the 9.9 kicker.  Hank it the man to go to.

  3. 3 Torpedo Roller Guide Rod Tips

    I have three Torpedo Roller Guide Rod Tips for sale.  All are lightly used and in great shape.  All three for $50 plus $5 shipping to USA Great Lakes locations.  As you can see from the picture I paid $32.99 each for them and they list for up to $40 each.  Can do PayPal.  Thanks.


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