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  1. Chris, I live by this.


    {I really wish my Uncle Tom was still alive.  He had a paper that was written in the early 90s from an independent study that was done on the toxins in the fish.  Basically, they took a clean fillet, the actual part of the fish we all eat, and tested that.  The end result was that clean, boneless, skinless, cleanly trimmed fillet greatly reduced the amount of toxins in the fish.}


    Still though, I only eat migrant fish in some bodies of water, like the Genny or the Hudson but this may be more because of flavor and not contamination.


  2. I noticed drop in populations but I attribute it to birds of prey mostly.  It is definitely predators.  I find 90% of the rabbits close to dwellings even though there is excellent food sources and cover further away.  I saw 5 birds on Sunday but I knew they were there from deer season.  If I were to goto places where they have been historically for me I would be suprised to see them.  We use to have good hold over from pheasant releases.  This has dropped over the past few decades too.  I too am thinking about predator hunting.  I wish hide prices would go up  (more varmint hunters/trappers).  The 80s were phenomenal for small game and I would like my kids to experience it like I did.

  3. Informative videos like these should be moved into mainstream media via commercials. Naive people are being bombarded with bias news reports. Power of the pen is now power of the air waves. There are many forms of propaganda. I have said this before, IT IS NOT ABOUT SAFETY, IT IS ABOUT REMOVING THE ONLY THREAT TO A GOVERNMENT ABOUT TO RUN AMUCK. (sorry for yelling it)

    Obama is going to make a world tour making up or forging statistics to engage citizens who might otherwise be capable for thinking for themselves. He will name drop. He will insist that something needs to be done so do what anti gun libs want to. He will woo them with his steady delivery and consistent pause. His crescendos and his blank stares will encourage people that this koolaid is the best ever and the citizens who know better will do what exactly???

  4. As long as I can read about it, I have no issues with it being the way it is or if it would be split up. Some people are in fanatics about a particular fish and I understand that. Not putting them down. You can probably find a die hard website on creek chub fishing. Doesn't affect me either way. I fish for eyes more than pikes and pickerels and I never target musky, although that may change, I thoroughly love reading the reports from everybody. Pics are good too and the hows and whys and passion that is what we do. Change it all you want, it is still the same to me.

  5. Analogy: Kinda like when a constrictor squeezes the life out of its prey. Every time the prey give in a bit, it squeezes a little more. At some point the battle of life has been lost to the SNAKE.

    If you have to register every firearm, you can bet there will be a fee at some point that will increase annually. Its not about creating a safe world for you and me to live in. It is about removing the only threat to a government about to run amuck. DHS and FEMA have been planning for this for years. Don't believe? - Put the koolaid down.

    Food for thought: How often have you seen people in the news in arab countries throwing rocks? Do you know why they throw rocks? Because gun control works. If you are starting to let these ridiculous rules sink in and adjusting your lives to accomodate them then the snake is going to keep squeezing.

  6. Hypothetical...

    If I said Boaters followed the rules and are very considerated of other boaters, I am sure you could come up with examples where that is not the case. If Cuomo decided to take away fast boats and large boats because they scared people who didn't know how they operated, most people would freak out about it while others would justify it. He would have a press conference to tell the whole world how he is making the waterways safer for New Yorkers. Libs would applaud while Conservatives would hem and Haw. This is just hypothetical so there is no need to find irresponsible boater articles. Cuomo makes money off our boats anyways. Just saying.

  7. Went to Bass pro today. All I can say is wow. It felt stressful there. Fear was definitely in the air. People were scrambling to get ammo. All the ammo was recorded. They took my drivers license and wrote down what ammo I took including the ammo's lot #. They have plenty of shot gun shells but normal rifle rounds like 30-06, 308, etc was thin.

    One thing I found out (according to BP staff member) is that the assault features only apply to semi autos and not pumps.

  8. Been reading chains upon chains and stumbled on this reference. Since the 90's I have been saying that there is a lot of smoke and mirrors and slight of hand when it comes to our politicians (regardless of party) and I also think that the signs have been here for a while. a lot of people committed suicide that surrounded Clinton. Just seems a little too suspicious. With this whole NWO conspiracy, the thing that I do not understand is what is in it for them? For those that choose to destroy America. I am sad for my children.

    http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.ph ... ndly/52005

    Some of the conversation I firmly believe is true and some is the first I have ever read anything like it.

    Good luck Everyone

  9. Just had this forwarded to me. Understanding it better doesn't make me like it any better.



    *This is a summary. It is not exhaustive*


    The legislation (S. 2230) passed by the legislature and signed by the governor contains the following key components of significance to law abiding gun owners and pistol licensees.

    Redefines and Bans “Assault Weapons.†An ‘assault weapon’ is now defined as any semiautomatic rifle or pistol capable of accepting a detachable magazine with ONE military style feature (folding stock, pistol grip, thumbhole stock, second grip that can be held by the weak hand, bayonet mount, flash suppressor, muzzle brake, compensator or threaded barrel or grenade launcher); any semiautomatic shotgun with ONE of the following: folding or thumbhole stock; second grip that can be held by the weak hand; a fixed magazine in excess of seven rounds; ability to accept a detachable magazine; A semiautomatic pistol that can accept a detachable magazine and has at least one of the following: folding or thumbhole stock; second grip that can be held by the weak hand; capacity to accept a magazine that attaches to the pistol outside of the pistol grip, threaded barrel, barrel shroud, weight of 50 oz or more when unloaded.

    Within one year, all “assault weapons†under the new definition (pre-1994 and now pre-2013 semi-autos as defined above) must be registered with the state police at no cost. This will trigger a NICS check. Current owners may transfer these semi-autos only to a dealer or sell them out of state. Intentional failure to register will be a class A misdemeanor. Unintentional failure will trigger a 30 day grace period to register, after which the gun will be confiscated. Knowing possession of an unregistered assault weapon will be a felony.

    The law does not distinguish between rimfire or centerfire firearms. Even .22s are covered by the law.

    Exempt: the following are not ‘assault weapons’ and are not affected by this law: bolt action or pump rifles and shotguns; antiques; revolvers; semi-automatic rifles that cannot accept a detachable magazine; semi-auto shotguns holding five or fewer shotgun shells in a fixed or detachable magazine.





    430 Capitol Bldg Albany, NY 12247 (518) 455-3131

    41 South Main St. Oneonta, NY 13820 (607) 432-5524

    Magazines. The law bans all magazines in excess of ten rounds, including “pre-ban†magazines of 20 or 30 rounds previously possessed lawfully. High capacity magazines possessed lawfully heretofore must be disposed of out of state or to someone authorized to possess them within one year. Ten round magazines are grandfathered, but it will be a crime to load them in excess of seven rounds. Magazines older than 50 years old – curios and relics – are exempt. No new ten round magazines may be sold or possessed in New York.

    Pistol licenses. All pistol licenses will have to recertified (not renewed) every five years. Licensees will have to confirm to the state police that their information is current and that their registered pistols are still the only ones possessed. Pistol licensees will be able to request that their names be withheld from public disclosure, and state police will compile a statewide database of pistol license holders.

    Ammunition. All ammunition purchasers must undergo an instant background check at the point of sale when the new state check system takes effect. This provision does not take effect for a year. A buyer of pistol or revolver ammunition will need to show a valid NYS pistol license and a driver’s license. Internet sales of ammo are banned except in the presence of a gun dealer where a NICS check is required.

    Gun sales. A NICS background check will be required for all private sales of long guns in New York, except transfers to immediate family members.

    Gun storage. The new law requires the safe storage of guns in a house where the gun owners knows someone in the house is mentally ill, prohibited from possessing a gun, is a convicted criminal or subject to an order of protection.

  10. I only caught three LLs - no real size. I thought the fish I got last year had more chrome. These seemed to have more olive tones to them. That is the only real difference I noticed. I am not known for catching a lot of them so I do not have a good sample size to compare. I am just happy to get out after them. winter is starting to shape up nicely. Maybe things will improve for next year.

  11. In the fall, we get them on skein. We try to keep the skein from getting warm, but on a really nice day that can be challenging. My feeling is that the skein starts to get smelly and the cats start getting teased by it.

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