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  1. I forgot bumper stickers. There was a P/U down the road from me with the classic "Git R Dun" bumper sticker on it and last week I saw a 15 inch bumber sticker that said "I B o o bies" on an old Jimmy. I also forgot T - shirts and hats. Someone mentioned John Deere ealrier but to me that's just a farmers hat. If you get it from the county fair, its redneck.

    Also, judging by some recent posts in the trib section, Some might think you have to grab your reef pole and rig with power pro and 4oz drop shot and go get sum salmons. Those salmons really go after those crazy eggs this time of year. :lol:

  2. Own multiple chain saws and throw an extra boat or two in the yard. That's how I keep it real now that I live in a small city. I don't mow the lawn when the neighbors do either. I mow every other, other time. A common misconception is that rednecks drink a lot of beer. Well, they may drink a lot of beer in high school. But If they make it out of high school they drink a hellavalot more beer and whiskey. Killing something with an ax will impress any certified redneck. Use the Phrase "I'll tell you what" a lot. If you do not have a lot of Duct tape, get some. If you don't have any you are a poser and any legitamite RN will know it.

    Sometimes all you need to do is put signs in your yard. Hand painted plywood or USB board works the best.


    Camp firewood $3 armfull.

    Warning (just warning)

    Keep Out!

    $100 Reward for information leading to the arrest .....

    For Sale (sign works best with something unsalable surrounded by grass and weeds)

    Clean Fill wanted

    All examples have been witnessed by yours truly.

    Just get a small flag pole and fly a junior flag. It is the easiest way to let everyone know you are down with the good ole boys. My brother married into a yuppie city family. They use the term rednecking when they drink beer in the garage. Sounds silly to me but that is where we keep the beer fridge.

  3. Large mouth like a rock bass and a thick body like a rock bass but colorations like a pumpkinseed. As a kid I use tell everybody I was catching rocky/sunny hybrids. Speaking of hybrids, the pic at the top looks like it is a cross between a pumpkinseed and a green sunny. I am judging mostly by the way the mouth looks. And the pumpkinseed looks more like a a small Bluegill to me. I am by no means a sunfish expert. I am not afraid to send a picture to Cornell to let them identify it for me. With all the species, subspecies and crosses, then add water conditions. Example for water conditions. Large Mouth in the Southern tier are usually black (or have a lot of black on them) The ones I catch out of I-bay are straight Chrome. Deeper water is the only explanation I have for that or is that another subspecies ?????

    Bosox guy, you need to go catch yourself a striper. Minnows and panfish are fun at times but to become a Jeremy Wade you need to go get some big boys. Catch some rare subspecies too like a blue Pike or a grass pickerel.

    Good luck with your quest.

  4. So I had a new tourny partner all set up for 2013. I planned on winning a lot of tournys. My wife all of a sudden decided that it would keep me away too much from the family so she said no way. It was ok on Monday and now it is not? WTF? I guess that's women for ya.

    Anyways, I figured I would help my tourny partner find a replacement. Let me know if you are in need. Here is a Photo to show fishing ability.



  5. Umm I might suggest you brush up on standing and walking before getting off dry land..I hear badminton..is challenging to some....Glad yer ok to share some wisdom..

    Ray, that's funny. My friends were afraid to take me trib fishing because they thought I was going to break a hip. I have one made out of bone and one out of ceramic. They called me Mr Glass (Unbreakable) after that character that would fall down and break 50 bones. I am 42 but if you look at my medical file you wouldn't think so. I laugh because I am OK.

    I love to fish. Why else would I go out in high winds, heavy snow and walk through slushy water? The investment was the floatation device to give my wife some peace of mind. In High school I was on the swim team. This doesn't mean I don't need to wear one. This is probably why the DEC makes it mandatory in the winter. Never know when you are gonna need it and unfortunately some people need to be made to wear one. I hope people on here read this and think about it. We all hate to read about those people who died fishing and it was something that could have been prevented. My vest has the terminal tackle, stringer, forceps, scissors, clippers, ruler, knife, and lures. I use it to hold other things I need as well. This is my life jacket.

    http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-D ... ct/103463/

    Well worth the price. They do go on sale.

  6. This is a rhetorical question. I want to share my experience today. Went fishing in a river with my 12 ft rowboat and a relative. I tend to stand a lot because I cramp up. I was standing akwardly, my fishing partner moved a little (he claims not at all) and I headed for the water. Seeing the boat was going to capsize otherwise, I continued right over. Since we intended to fish different areas of the river, we thought we may need to tow the boat over some rapids therefor I had my chest waders on. One thing I also have on is my lifejacket/tackle vest hybrid. It holds enough terminal tackle and keeps me afloat in the event i fall in. So if anyone that has ever had chest waders fill up know that you can barely move. It took a lot of energy to get to somewhere so I could stand up and makes me wonder how bad it could have been had I not been able to stop and float. Last year I was wading in a similar river when the water was very cold and rolled off an unsettled rock and fell backwards into the deeper water. Same result - Vest kept me up and I didn't even get water inside the waders. The water temp was around 40 that day and the air temp was 17. A lot warmer today, but I still felt cold.

    A lot of options exist today. My suggestion is to find one that works for you. I laughed about falling in afterwards. I am such a blankity blank. What else am I going to do? I didn't lose the boat or anything in it.

    WEAR a PFD!

  7. Larry,

    Were they stone cats or bullheads?

    Jimski2, I do not know who passed the laws but it is confusing at times where you can get fresh bait (and use it).

    I like using stone cats (tonies) but they are ornary and they will sting your fingers til you can't feel anything. I like using them in the river August and September for eyes but really, what I end up with is a ton of smallies. When I do catch an eye it is like winning the scratch off lottery. Not because they are not there. because the bass won't put their feed bags down long enough to let the walleye start eating.


  8. on walleye i have caught my share of 10 lb I fish the allegheny in Pa. As winter comes on nothin beats a live bait on a jig or fishing a rapala--fish it slow and work and cast change up speed and at night very lightly play it youll get em

    Are you closer to Spillway or Pittsburgh? I always wanted to fish the Alleghany but The drive has kept me from making the trip so far. I also never really understood if I needed to buy a trout stamp to fish there because there are trout there. Would I get a ticket even though I am not fishing for them? PA rules can be even more confusing than NY rules.

  9. Pap, thats a bass fisherman for ya. I have a hard time believing that they couldn't find a 6lb'r bronzeback this time of year. They are usually all over the bay and have their feed bags on right now. They were probably out too deep. Tell them to try 8-15 ft around the points. If all they continue to catch is stinking walleye, tell them I will pay for shipping to send to Corning. I have freezer space availlable for stinking walleye. ;)

    Walleye are starting to feed. I finally caught a few. I don't consider it a huge problem but the bass are hammering everything right now, so getting to the walleye is a little bit more difficult. These cold nights are good for the bite. good luck everybody.

  10. They are easy to catch in the Susquehanna River in the fall... Not real big, up to 23-24 inches, and lots of shorts, occasional one over 5 pounds but they are pretty rare. Most are 18-20 inches. On a good evening just before dark you can catch 3 or 4, or even limit out in less than an hour at certain times and certain places. 1/4 oz. jigs with a twister or small fluke tail is all you need.. Not sure its worth the drive, for you, but there are a lot of them in the river, and it takes no special skill to catch them here. Early morning, until about 9 am, or evenings from about 2 hours before dark, until nightfall. Mid days are a total waste of time on this river, until the water gets real cold, and then its jigs with a minnow fished slow and deep.... bob

    Chemung and further up it takes work, skill and luck. Sometimes, You can hit them in the face with awesome bait and they won't bite. Other times they hit as soon as it hits the water. Got find em, when they are biting, and then you got to know if they are slow biting (lippin) or not. We got about an hour separating us. I am wondering if you have more eyes to choose from and/or if they are not as well fed. Could be that you are really good at gettin them and don't see it as much of a challenge anymore. The only thing I disagree with is the part about no special skill needed. That sounds more like bass fishing.

    If somebody is really desparate to catch a walleye. Goto a choking point in the river system that has walleyes. Dams, power plants, falls, etc. In the summer juveniles stack up there and spring and fall there will be some adults too. Bring extra tackle since these areas have high snag rates.

  11. I believe in equal opportunity and I don't like affirmative action. I am talking about my fishing. I read a lot of posts on here and other boards and it is obvious to me that some fisherman are passionate about a species or group of species and disregard the others as important. I personally like it all. I would love to see more walleye stocked across the state. All the fingers should have them. Musky too. Too much emphasis on the salmonoids. I love fishing for them as well but warm water species are just as exciting in my opinion. It will all balance out and some waters will hold better numbers or bigger fish than others. It works that way now without the diversity.

    About the motor/boat restrictions on Hemlock: I like them. It gives the little guy more of a level playing field. I do not have great numbers when I fish Hemlock but I love it for what it is. It is beautiful. Kayaks, canoes, and small boats and all natural structure. If a guy can't get his 18 foot Lund out there with all the bells and whistles to drag 8 lines, this is ok to me. I like that people fishing there have to keep it simple. It is very peaceful.

  12. I am gonna take a wild guess that you will need to wait to see what turns up at the spawning run. I hooked into 30# plus salmon(s) last year (tribs) but it is a little hard to land that much muscle on an 8lb tippet. The gents doing their version of good touch bad touch up at the choking points probably get these fish and think nothing about the significant size. They just tie them up with the same rope they drag their deer out of the woods and go home to the smoker. See what is happening here and relay it back to your thoughts about summer. Obviously hindsight won't help you win the derby but may help you win in the future years. I agree with the thoughts above too.

    I am gonna try to run 10lb (instead of 8) tippets this year because I believe that the run will be stronger with bigger fish this year and I really would like to land a 30lb + male for the wall. The challenge. First to entice the beast into taking the bait and 2nd, most important, landing him. :) Highly anticipating that first Bobber drop!

  13. almost september! can't wait. most of the jet-skiers are back at college,tubers are callin it quits,and toothy fish are gettin ready to put on the feed bag.

    Amen. Forgot to mention the fair weather fisherman.

    I don't do well on Hemlock but I love them rules. What a great day to be on the water - NO pleasure boaters.

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