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  1. This is a tough year, however, do not be afraid to change your pattern. Once you find the pattern, you will be pleasantly rewarded. I still say go deep in Ibay. BTW. I have abandoned two of my favorite bass patterns already. I had to. Part of the fun for me is catching fish. This is the year of non tradition. Got a switch it up. Good luck man. Tight lines.

  2. You got the super fluke! Awesome! Just got back from VA Beach. Gotta figure out where I will be fishing this weekend, but this post (and the huge storms) is making me think about fluking it. Go big or go home... Nice fish.

    I don't always catch big bass, but when I do, it is on a fluke.

  3. 1st thing you need to do is stop at Dick's sporting goods and buy a Yankee cap. :lol:

    Kevin J Legg has been posting good reports. I would send him a PM.

    My experience has been to hit the edge of the drop offs where the current was strong, however, this did not work for me two years ago when I was there. I tried jigs, spinners, and even live crayfish and couldn't find the right pattern. Once you do it is fun. Good luck, I will enjoy seeing the pics.

  4. Good to se they are still biting up there... I am also glad that the camera works. I caught and released a 6lber when I was teenager and all I got for it was my Mom's testimony. The camera she was using broke. She still has it with the film in it.

    BTW - Absolutely beautiful fish. Congrats to the young man!

  5. I recently asked DEC about the hybrid program. I thought this would be a great way to supplement the fishing experience without long term effects. Hybrids do not reproduce, so if the forage base can not support, you just stop stocking. Kinda the same idea with Tigers. I thought a great pilot area would be Conesus Lake.

    Here is the DEC response...

    The stocking of Hybrid stripers was before I began working with the department, but I believe the reason they are not stocked any more is because:

    1-we didn't get a good return to the angler, by that I mean the numbers anglers caught for the numbers stocked was low.

    2-They are tremendous wanderers, case in point where your catching them in the Tioga and Chemung,and where their stocked in PA. Fish would be stocked one place and end up all over the place. Often times in areas that they weren't wanted. Because of this wandering they didn't reduce the forage in the places they were stocked, as you mention below that was one of the reasons for stocking them.

    3-I think the cost of raising them was also expensive.

    Hope this helps and good luck fishing.

    Region 7 Fisheries Office


    1285 Fisher Avenue

    Cortland NY, 13045

    (607) 753-3095 xt. 213

  6. [night crawlers] Suggest with a bobber or a drop shot rig. Lots of Gobys. From my recent experience (elsewhere) Blue gills are suspended right now anyways.

    not 100% but I think you can put a 16 footer in either launch.

  7. Spot on Paul.

    Unfortunately, Mercury is in the rain. ;( Compare consumption advisories between PFBC and DEC about Tioga river and Chemung River. Same river system - 2 state agencies. They do not match. There is caffeine in cafeine free cola. Measurement is always a challenge of mankind. However, I do believe in the LD 50.

    I joke with my Pennsyltucky friends that they are cleaning Lake O 3 salmon a day.

    I eat a tremendous amount of fish. I usually eat my suggested monthly limit about 20 times a month. I started filling icky in the mornings so I quit drinking all alcohol. Now I feel awesome! I wake up (with a rock hard glass cutter) kiss my wife :* and its a great day :D

    BTW, I ate (2) tuna fish sandwiches 4 days last week. No extra body parts yet. I was on the swim team in HS but I wear a life jacket because I know I will sink to the bottom if I fall in without it. IMO, I think these are tree hugging stats designed to save the blue fin.

    Back on topic. Relatively speaking, The Oak is no more contaminated than last year and might even be cleaner. You don't have to eat the fish to enjoy the water. Wait until the smell subsides if it bothers you too much.

  8. I can not go back to the 50s. My Delorean broke down. :)

    I think the turbidity (at the docks) makes things seem worse then they are. The water at the falls/powerplant/archer's club does not resemble the water at the Point Breeze. I am always impressed with the health of the fishery when I am upstream. There is a lot of bait in the estuary and this scenario can mislead even the most experienced of fisherman into thinking that something is wrong. Throw an artificial bait in front of a fish, that heard/saw you coming, that is full of fresh bait hiding in cover and I think you will find it difficult to catch quality fish. Add in the smell of decay and uh oh, the stream is polluted. Maybe I am quick to dismiss this because I grew up on a lake where 1/3 was a bog and the bottom was peat, but smell isn't a real accurate way to determine how polluted something is.

    A friend of mine was telling me how his child hood stream use to be full of trout and he could catch them all day long. He said twenty years later it changed and he couldn't find any. His first inclination was the stream was polluted somehow and the fish were killed off because of this. After thinking this and telling numerous people for years, he found out later that a small village upstream use to have septics run directly into the stream with no leach field or treatment and that the suckers would travel up from the rivers to spawn and feed on this sewage. As time progressed, the Environmentalists cleaned this stream up thus removing the food for the suckers which removed the food for the trout. This is a true story. I do not know how accurate it is. But I think you get my point.

    I really thought this thread would slip into the archives by now. Parties involved with tourism probably do too. Just a rumor. Go fishing.

  9. Deeper the lake, the longer residence time for the lake to clear itself. Lake O is 6 years. Lake O is the 2nd deepest and last in the chain of great lakes. I agree with all the posts on here except the references to Ray :P .

    Lake is only getting cleaner and Dr's will tell you to eat fish from almost anywhere - that the benefits far outweigh the risks. The cleanest fish as far as pollutants is supposedly tuna. Always said that children should limit their intake. I do not know if there is any sufficient (or legit) data to support this.

    I took the family to Sodus Pt today and when we got out of the car it was absolutely pewtrid. All the rotten moss had piled up along the break wall and the wind was blowing towards the Coast Guard building. We walked up westward and the smell was gone. It is the same smell you get if you play with the muck in a swamp. It is just rotten plant life.

  10. Have you considered irondequoit bay

    [ Post made via Android ] Android.png

    no, but that's an option. but how would a hemlock size boat and motor handle in I bay?

    [ Post made via Android ] Android.png

    I have had my 8 ft bass hound on I-bay and Sodus bay with 10mph winds. My only concern was with pleasure boaters. This is the advantage of fishing Hemlock. You don't have to worry about some teenager on a jet ski running into you or a guy checking out the blonde on his yacht swamping you. I implore you to be careful on the Ontario Bays and St. Lawrence. Pleasure boaters can be extremely dangerous on these water bodies.

    They also have walleye in silver lake and lake alice. I have no experience fishing either, but these may also be options. Wrong night in my opinion. Thursday will be better. Good luck to you. My walleye fishing will start back up in August. Too much bait right now.

  11. Tried this lake yesterday. Beautiful lake with a lot of natural structure. A confident bass fisherman (me two days ago) would have loved to fish this. I know the fish exist. I couldn't find any takers. As a group we only did one decent fish (13 inch small mouth) We did ok on pickerel and I got bored so I switched to bluegills. There are a lot of those and they bite.

    Anybody willing to throw some pointers at me, please PM me.

  12. Went to Honeoye, opening day and two of us were well over 3 dozen LMs all around 12 inches. Caught a few dinks and a few big ones too. I don't think it matters where you start, just keep moving. I never went after LMs on Conesus but I have seen some pigs spawning there in May. I too would like to go back there for LMs. It would be exciting to hit that occassional Pike/Tiger.

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