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  1. Go to the feed store and buy a 50# bag of field corn. Throw out about a pound twice a day or more. If you have old bread or bake goods, this will work too. After you have chummed them good. I would use worms, soft corn, minnows, crayfish. It usually takes a few days for them to come in but fish like a free meal and this usually works well anywhere. Remember, if you stop chumming they will leave. I have caught some of my biggest pan fish doing this as a kid. The bonus is that the smallies and the carp and the bull head will be right there in the mix. The carp in Seneca are huge so I imagine that you will want to make sure the poles are secure or really inexpensive. Also, while the kids are chasing the smaller fish, throw some stick baits or spoons out deeper and see if you can't pick up a larger predator. They follow the food train too.

  2. Nice LM BSmaster ! How was Honeoye..busy?



    I thought it was busy. There was only two instances where we got crowded. And to be honest, this is a nice family lake so I wouldn't expect any different. There is a guy up there with a Donzi (sp) that needs to tone it down. Lake is too small and too busy to be going over 50mph on. I would fish it again but I think I am gonna wait for bad weather next time. This is the same thing you get on Conesus and Keuka. Fun to fish for large mouths. smallies were hard to find.

  3. Not really a recipe but if you are like me and do not have time to prepare fish I have come up with a good way to do this on the fly.

    I use to like McCormick seafood seasoning but I tried Weber zesty lemon and I really like it. I also use there NewOrleans Cajun and Boston Bay. So the idea is simple and I will use three variations.


    Olive Oil


    Seasoned Bread Crumbs


    Scenario One:

    Heat olive oil in skillet, prepare filets, drain, skin side down sprinkle seasoning.

    Place filets seasoning side down ~2min or until the seasoning has crisped alittle. Flip and finish on skin side. If filets are thick you will need to cover pan to allow fish to fully cook in the steam.

    Scenario Two:

    Heat olive oil in skillet, prepare filets, drain pat dry, skin side down sprinkle seasoning. Place in 1 gal zip lock with bread crumbs and toss. Place filets seasoning side down ~2min or until the seasoning has crisped alittle. Flip and finish on skin side. If filets are thick you will need to cover pan to allow fish to fully cook in the steam.

    Scenario Three:

    Heat olive oil in skillet with a few table spoons butter, Be careful, butter will burn but not smoke as much in the oil. This will give the filets a nice brown look. prepare filets, drain pat dry, skin side down sprinkle seasoning. Place in 1 gal zip lock with bread crumbs and toss. Place filets seasoning side down ~2min or until the seasoning has crisped alittle. Flip and finish on skin side. If filets are thick you will need to cover pan to allow fish to fully cook in the steam.

    I use scenario one almost exclusively since it is so easy. The Zesty lemon seasoning works really well with walleye, trout, panfish, striper, and black bass. I use boston bay or cajun for my bullheads in scenario #3.

    I developed digestion issue with traditional fish fry's years ago and it kept me from eating a lot of fish. I moved to the grill and the oven, but really never ate much fish that way for various reasons. I can fry in the olive oil and digest my dinner with no issues. I thought I would share since it is easy and I know I am not the only one who likes fried fish but had to give it up.

  4. From DEC: http://it.stlawu.edu/~bart/Barthelmess/ ... vasion.pdf

    excerpt: New York State prohibit the use of the round goby as bait and attempt to remind anglers of the proper way to dispose of their bait-bucket emissions.

    John, not trying to rain on your parade. I understand and agree with the arguments on both sides. Just want to let you know that it you may need to dump them if you see the boat check coming.

    I always fished spinners, soft plastics, and stick baits for Bronze backs in Lake O. St. Lawrence - Night crawlers, cray fish, spinners, soft plastics. Finger lakes - Cranks, soft plastics, and live Cray fish. Rivers - Stone Cats, stone rollers, red fins, topwater, and sticks.

    Fish are still setting up for summer. In a couple weeks it should start getting exciting...

    tight lines!

  5. I fished Sodus last year and I found it to be annoying but I didn't know it was toxic. I had to avoid a few areas on Honeoye Lake Saturday. Like the article said, I thought it was a normal occurence. I just didn't know about the cyanotoxins. I will look forward to Brian Williams talking about it on NBC Nightly News.

  6. Well, all being said.... it would still B a sweet dream, given the fish are in good #s and variety there; if the area was turned into a park with fishing the main venue!! :clap: Yes issues with money, of course, safety and liability, jurisdiction,and all the other associated yadda yadda yadda. But hardly anything that hasn't been dealt with and worked around before. For the sake of just one more local great upstate fishing spot, it could be done....AND a somewhat unique place too!

    I agree with you a 100% These areas could be reclaimed for a greater good - recreation. I do not know the dollar amounts, but I do notice that even the small parks along water ways with minimal fishing access (suspect fish #s) are busy in the warm months. People like water.

  7. Trespass. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/8371.html

    I've trespassed in my life time to hunt and to fish. I do not condone it and actually avoid it nowadays. Older and wiser and the grass isn't any greener over that fence.

    These arguments are kinda weak. I am 100% positive they will not end up swaying the judge. If the property is posted legally, put away your $75, and go fish on land where you may get a ticket. I feel there are too many places to fish to warrant trespass. I won't be seeing you in court.

    The extenuating circumstances as I read them...

    1.) Other people are doing it. So, it can't be that posted...

    2.) Its ok as long as you are respectful...

    3.) Carpe Diem

    4.) The owners aren't using it so we can...

    If you find my comments offensive, think about all the people reading your comments that have posted land and how they must feel about your comments.

    Pits and quarries often have hidden hazzards, which is usually why they get posted (liability). The other reason they get posted is jagoffs dumping their garbage. Posted is Posted. Get your $75 ready.

  8. I didn't mention line. A lot of people go with braid when using a wacky rig. I use 4 or 6lb mono. I thought about running a leader off braid, but decided against it for casting accuracy. I will be casting to a spot - not an area. I don't want braid because I feel the fish will see it and I don't like the way it floats. Why would this be a dilemma is because I am fishing heavy underwater weed structure as well as lili pads. Average bass are caught easily, but everytime I get a lunker, it wraps me around a weed structure and pops off. Why 4 or 6 lb. I am doing some serious distance casting. I usually fish with a beatle spin (BS in my BS Master name) until I hear a feeding largemouth. It sounds much different than the small fish eating insects. This is when I determine how close I am and where I need to be to be in casting range if not already. I pick up my other pole and always (100%) get a strike from a bass that has made its presence known by feeding. I think everyone understands structure and how fish like openings so I won't go into that.

    I fish the drop and kinda walk the dog with the worm if it doesn't get hit right away. I don't feel the fish until I set the hook. I watch the line. The worm will sink so line will take off, however, it always falls at a steady rate. When the bass hits it, it accellerates. Fish on! So watch your line and let the bass do all the work.

    Biggest tip I can tell you is keep your boats off the bass. I watched this happen last year. I was hammering bass all morning last year and guys were complaining about not getting anything and then I started watching them fish and saw them run their boats thru the hot spots. This is bad. keep casting distance away from them. This time of year, the fish are still on inland structure. Keep the boats out deep and fish inwards. Dock fishing, don't step on the dock until you have cast out along it a few times. Good luck everybody. I am going to be working on some new presentations for bass this year. Hopefully I will come up with a new goto lure/presentation.

  9. What size senko and what size hook. do most of you prefer wacky or traditional style?

    I like to use a range. Smaller worms (~4") for smaller fish with smaller hooks (4s, 6s).

    Larger or more aggressive fish, I use larger worms (~6") and larger hooks (1/0s, 2s).

    Hook size is important because the fish are hitting on the drop, so if they feel it and don't like it will have time to spit it before you feel them on, hence - no hook set. Goto small and the hook could miss everything - hence no hook set/

    I have caught smallies on Wacky rigs, but I usually reserve them for largemouths. Therefore, I recommend a size 2 hook with a larger worm. My goto is green pumpkin. I have a few variations, but the package that says grn pmpkn is the one that is lightest. I do not fish crystal clear or turbid water so this color works best for me. Find a pond with a lot of bass and this is a great way to get someone into fishing. Easy to cast, retrieve, and the bass do most of the work. I am putting together a fishing lesson just for teaching youngsters how to do this so they can see how easy it is to catch fish like the pros. This post reminds me of that I need to get working on it.

  10. I like that small fridge idea. Easy to find and cheap. Just enough to take the chill outta a beer, and keep crawlers fresh.

    Jimski, nice work. I like your stuff.

    I second that. I already have a dorm fridge sitting idle. I can get the eggs out of the soda fridge too. Excellent idea!


  11. BSmaster- Ha ha haaa! Well stated. Say, you ever work that "creek" running between Canisteo and Addison for 'eyes? There used to be a very good population of them in there (plenty of small ones and an occasional lunker-3-6lbs.) We'd catch them going for the bass and were usually surprised, as they would readily pick up grub tailed jigs or minnow baits....

    panfisher, that is where my 10lber came from. (I catch more from the other river-Lindley) We fished hard all day and kept moving. It is the only eye we caught that day. We did have a pretty good time catching smallies while we were trying. The biggest secret to that stream is finding them and in a biting mood.

    The state record for a long time was held in Chemung river. A lot of that gets lost nowadays with all of the pics coming from eastern basin of Lake O and Lake Erie. Now, I believe the PA and NY records are in Alleghany resevoir and that fishery stands to get even better after the Reservation puts in their walleye hatchery. My point being that is that Southern tier has a lot to offer, albeit challenging river walleye fishing. The west delware branch, the upper susquehanna river shed and the upper alleghany river shed, and even the Genny (below Belmont Dam). Some of it better than others and access is limited, but the fish are there. I am not big into trolling so fishing the rivers vs the lakes is more appealing to me. Trollers probably feel the opposite. Either way, the fish are there and the challenge is catching them. Best way to do that is understand them and that is sometimes harder than it seems. It is still good times no matter how you look at it.

  12. The DEC closes fishing in many streams with finite choking points to all fishing during walleye's closed season to enable them to spawn. They add new places every year. I am sure that they won't close the ones in LO. Can you imagine the uproar from the Steelhead fisherman if they closed Oswego for 6 weeks?

    I can keep 5 walleye over 15 inches from Chemung river in Corning. If I travel upstream to PA, I can keep 6 walleye over 15in. If I go north I can only keep three (usually 18in). I have never kept a days limit before. Like I said before, fishing them in Corning is challenging. I am happy to get one. Not many people fish them here because of that.

    I don't foresee the DEC or PFBC changing anything. Best thing for them to change would be a slot limit but I don't see that happening anytime too soon. Another thing for them to help walleye numbers would be to let up on Tigers/musky stocking but that would be another can of worms (doubt it). I really don't see an issue for immediate attention. big walleye get big for a reason.

    I'm impressed that Landshark caught 34 over 10lbs. I think it is admirable that he released them (how many did you keep?). I know people that do the same thing down in the southern tier. But they didn't always. I personally, will be releasing the cows and keeping the eaters AND I will also refuse to judge anyone who is following the rules outlined in the regulation guide. I don't even know what is upsetting me about this discussion. Perhaps Its this concept of sportsman - The fly guy hates the spey guy who hates the pinning guy who hates the bottom bouncing guy who just wants to be left alone so he can catch a (any) fish to impress his loved ones. Its like the self righteousness that stirs up every fall in the streams. This is why I prefer to fish away from everyone.

    If you catch a walleye over 10lbs and let it go unharmed - good for you. :yes: Thank you.

    If you catch a walleye over 10lbs and eat it - your choice, but we told you it wouldn't taste as good. Next time consider letting it go. I Thank you. Someone may even call you a role model. :yes:

  13. I would support a slot limit. Bass, walleye, pike

    I looked into a trip to Canada this spring, but it looked as though the fishing restrictions were more strict than NY so I bailed. Even historically rich fisheries can be damaged. Their advice was to take a picture (some measurements) of the trophy and get a replica. My response was, I'll keep my money in NY. It can be challenging catching walleye out of the rivers near Corning, but I can do it for a lot less investment of time and money. Just my two cents.

  14. I did not cast a vote but my opinion flatly put is let them go unless you are going to mount it. I caught a 30in 10lb walleye this past December. I was so excited. The biggest I caught before that was 2ft. I kept the fish thinking I was going to have it mounted and then changed my mind later. I decided to hold out for a 14lber. I got three good meals out of her but my overall impression is that she didn't taste nearly as good as the 2-3lbers that I normally eat. My lasting impression was when filletting her and seeing the large volume of eggs that she was carrying. I let them go now. I want to find someone that I can trust to do repos so when I catch the big one for the wall... I can let her go too. To me it seems you let that one go too so you have more eaters for the future. With all that being said. It is up to each person to decide what they want to do. Everybody makes some impact on the fishery and should be responsible for that, however, if rules are followed, who is promoted to judge to cast opinions on someone else. BTW, last month while striper fishing, the big females went back. We kept the 30 and under for meat.

  15. I eat them and they are fun to catch. Many a time I have been fishn smallies and a huge wack on my bait gets me all excited only to find it is a rocky. IMO: They fillet the easiest of all the sunfish and they also seem to give thicker filets too. some people treat them like pumpkinseeds like they are some neusance . I like them.

  16. I fished Chaumont bay once a few years back and it was just a stop on the way back from St. Lawrence. I wished I had spent all three days there. It is a beautiful bay. I know it is unlikely that I will make it back there for spring (post spawn) but I am thinking September/October when the water starts coooling rapidly and the fish start feeding heavily would be a good time to return. I would love to fish for walleye and pike, switch over to bronzebacks, then maybe take my pinning gear and chase some Kings. A fantasy - maybe. I always have said my best fishing trip is the one I have the night before in my sleep. 1st step is getting my wife to let me go for a few days.

    I will definitely post, hopefully something valuable...

    Tugger :yes:

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