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  1. I actually seem to do very well between 9am and 1pm, usually limiting out no problem, even with high sun.

    A post like that makes me want to get up on the bays, however, with a scheduled trip to the Hudson (stripers), 2 birthdays, communion, Mother's day, and the wife leaving on business (kid duty), I can not schedule a trip up there in May. I am already giving up my turkey tags. By the time I get up there it will be time to target bronzebacks. I will be somewhere south of Lake O for the opener, but I am excited just the same.

  2. Not a troller...

    Jigs - tipped (with what? good question what are the eyes eating?) bounce them slowly. Slower the better...

    Cranks, colors natural or perch. something that vibrates. size 3inches. Shallow at night deep runners in daytime.

    What to look for? sudden change. Depth, Structure, mudline, current, shadow, temperature, etc...

    I lower my expectations when the sun is on the water. I get more frustrated when the conditions seem perfect and the fish are not biting where I am casting. If they are not biting where you are fishing - gotta move. Keep moving until you get contact and then fish harder. Walleyes can be challenging but they can also be rewarding. Don't expect to follow routine and repeat success. I am still learning how to fish them successfully everytime - that sums up walleye fishing.

    Good luck everybody!!! {countdown ticker is at 8 days 16hrs}


  3. pap, there is a thread in the toothy section. A bunch of guys are heading for the bays on the 5th. I have no experience on the bays (eyes), however, I noticed a lot of change already this year with respect to how the walleyes are acting elsewhere. In a lot of places they were finished spawning before the rainbows. If the weather remains cool, I think they will hold in shallower water going for the easy meals. If it gets warm again like March, I think they will be going deep. Be prepared to do both.

    Guys going by tradition may be disappointed this year. I have already changed my fishing habits to adapt to this warmer than usual winter/spring. I am waiting to see what the weather is going to do before I comitt to fishing anywhere specific on the 5th.

    tight lines...


  4. I caught one (Conesus) last year fishing for Gills. It looked like a golden shiner on steroids. I asked the fisheries for id help because I knew it wasn't a carp and I couldn't imagine a 2lb shiner (?). There response was Rudd and gave me a website for State agency in the midwest where they explained the background. I don't have that info anymore but basically it is identical to the golden shiner except for something like 17 (golden) 18 (rud) dorsal spines (numbers may be wrong). Invasive yes, but the reason they were put here is probably by bait fisherman. There slang name is Alabama Shiner. They are suppose to be plant eaters, but I caught mine on a beatle spin which reminds me - I watched an episode of Monsterfish where in NewZealand they stocked a fish that ate nuts in the Amazon and now it is a predator in its new ecosystem. I found it interesting because when it bit flesh it looked like a humans bite mark. To my knowledge, the DEC hasn't said to euthenize them (Rudd), but from now on, I will be giving them the goby treatment.


  5. I was fishing this past summer (river) after dark with no moonlight and as I was leaving, turned on my head lamp and started walking through ~10 inches of water and almost stepped on one about 12 inches. I saw it because those eyes just light right up with a light on them. I think they are really sensitive to it so they probably won't feed with lights on them. I was told that you can use a high powered spotlight to spot them at night because of the glow... maybe thats why we call them eyes?

    To answer Andre's question. I would like to fish at night but know it is crucial to have me be dark. I do not fish lakes at night because I haven't had the necessary time to put into knowing the lakes. I do it on the rivers ocassionally because they are much easier to analyze and remember. Like Gambler said, use a light for safety, but keep it out as much as possible.

  6. Good one...

    A guy I work with took his wife and two young daughters to Virginia for vacation last week. He wants his 4 yr old and 6 yr old to enjoy the outdoors so he can spend time with them. Both of his girls have barbie fishing poles. He takes them fishing while on vacation. He casts the poles while his daughters are playing nearby. A game Warden shows up and said that he is guilty of fishing without a license. Mind you there are no adult fishing poles - the young overzealous officer claims that he was guilty since the kids were too far away from him to be fishing. So this ex tank gunner marine has to swallow this ticket. I find it hilarious (it didn't happen to me). The additional insult was that NY suspended his driver's license and this is how he found out about it.


    Lesson for all people walking that fine line between right and wrong. Sometimes the law doesn't care about extenuating circumstances. I will be ribbing him as much as I can from now on. Yes, he is mad. He is writing to the judge.

    I am going to V. beach this July. I plan on fishing. Should be interesting.

    If anybody has any Virginia Beach fishing information, I would appreciate it. I have never been there before. I will be there with my 6 and 7 year old and we donated their toddler poles already. :lol:

  7. Knowing the man made laws of the water are a requirement, but the physical laws of nature should never be ignored either. I am not taking any sides - I just want to make an analogy. If a guy gets hit by a truck walking across the street in a designed cross walk, That man dies and the truck driver loses everything. Two very different laws but one man is dead and the other is dead broke.

    I take my 8 foot bass hound out on some pretty large watercraft water bodies and I am always on the look out because of physics. I still never get use to the look of astonishment from beach blond woman on a 40 foot yacht as they trudge past me in the no wake zone. Those boats don't scare me. It is the high powered motor boats. Are they gonna see me in time? That is why I care more about the law of physics. I am always looking. Big boats should be looking harder too, so they can keep their boat.

    Tempers flare on the water, along the creek, and on the pier. That's people being people. Be safe everybody, smile, and say Hi, how ya doing?

    This is excellent advice from Fish or Swim

    There has always beens the odd jerk on the water and there always will be. Nothing you can do about it. Just the way it is. Try not to let it get to you.

    I tend to avoid other boats like the plague.

    The camera is good idea.

  8. Whoa... I think I would wear a face shield before I stuck that with my filet knife. It looks like a balloon. Well, the red is pretty. Is it to be a mounter?

    Congrats to the winner!


  9. i wanna fish for bass in conesus before the pike opener, but i want to use a leader to prevent loosing lures. would DEC give a problem over that?...I mean....i'm fishing for bass, I can't help what bites.????

    3 things wrong with your question.

    1.) you posted on toothy fish section (which is closed season right now)

    2.) you posted it under the thread name "Pike/Tiger Opener" (which is closed season right now)

    3.) you want to know if it is OK to use a leader to prevent loss of lure(s). (bass don't require leaders)

    There are a lot of fisherman getting pumped for May 5th (including me), so the thought of someone trying to circumvent the rules to get a headstart may be offensive to some, so I think you should have asked this question on the bass thread where you may have heard more constructive criticism.

    To try to answer your question about legitimate bass fishing. You can catch and release Black bass with artificial lures. If you are obviously using a lure designated for pike/musky and/or have a robust leader, you may have an officer waiting for you when you pull your boat out. It is pretty easy to tell the difference between those that are knowingly doing the wrong thing and those who honestly do not know the rules. The DEC wirtes the ticket the same in both cases.

    IMO I can not see how you can target bass with artificials this time of year in Consesus without expecting a lot of pike hook ups. I think Mostlymuskies is thinking the same thing.

  10. You can catch pike on any bait that you would catch a bass on, however, if the DEC feels you are targetting toothy creatures out of season, I do not think your gray area argument will hold up. just retie another lure. Bass has a catch and release season, so you only need to release immediately. You do not need to move after you catch one. Artificial bait only! I wish they would require fewer hook points. I hate seeing dead fish from (most likely) inadvertent gill rakes from the other treble.

    This excerpt is from the DEC website:

    Catch and release means catching and immediately releasing the caught fish without harm. Measuring, weighing and photographing of the fish are permitted as long as the fish is not removed from the water for an extended period or handled in a manner that could cause it harm. Fish may not be placed in a bucket, tub, livewell, on a string or any other holding device.

    If you catch a bass on the drift, the longer you keep him out of the water the harder it is for him to return to his nest and the more damage to his offspring.

  11. One word...

    JEALOUS :(

    Every year, I plan to go "next year" to get a cooler full of perch and every year I read about it instead. My priorities are messed up.

    Thanks for the report...

  12. I tried last year opening day morning - natta. You will get pike and tiger strikes during day time. Because of the availlable forage fish most successful walleye fisherman fish at night and have the much needed experience. Walleye in Conesus are usually bigger and do not have to work very hard for a meal. That means you have to engage them when they are more likely to bite - at night. I haven't been on the water after dark and have very little experience with this lake so far. I personally, would go there more for Bass fishing and if you read other threads, you will see that it is a favorite among pike/musky fisherman too. It is a very nice warm water lake.

  13. I think Muley's/goats eat dirt for nutrients. Most birds eat gravel to help their gizzard grind up hard grains. I think woodchucks might do the same thing. I never heard of it in a fish except maybe those reef fish that eat coral and poop sand. I would be suprised to see stones in a laker. I found deer teeth in a turkey's gizzard once. They were polished so smooth and white, I was going to make a necklace out of them, but never got around to it. Thanks for sharing. I am curious too as to why small stones were in laker...

    A tourny fish with a lead meal? interesting...

  14. Video was cool. I thought about getting an underwater camera for that kind of stuff. It is very cool to see them at there level. BTW, my phone is the rock and it is sealed. I still don't dare put it under water but it was sold to me as such. I kept ruining my others so i asked the salesman for something more robust.

    I posted this on fingerlakes before I read this thread.

    Took the family up yesterday on my way to the Buffalo Zoo. I think they liked the inlet as much as the zoo. The fish Are there and the water is low and clear so even my wife could spot the fish swimming around. The poodle crapping geese and mosquitos were absent so it was very enjoyable. I recommend it to anybody who likes to just get out and enjoy nature. It is truly a beautiful place.

  15. Took the family up yesterday on my way to the Buffalo Zoo. I think they liked the inlet as much as the zoo. The fish Are there and the water is low and clear so even my wife could spot the fish swimming around. The poodle crapping geese and mosquitos were absent so it was very enjoyable. I recommend it to anybody who likes to just get out and enjoy nature. It is truly a beautiful place.

  16. The perch wasn't very big - about 8 or 9 inches and was in the middle of spawning. Milt was spewing out constantly. I am surprised he took the time to eat something. The bars are non existent and instead there are irregular blotches. His mouth looked like a perch's mouth. No extra teeth or anything. I caught him in a spot where there were normal looking perch there too. If he was a 15 or 16 incher, he would have been mounted. Too unique to pass up on that.

    If the fish are going to start mutating, I would perfer that they get bigger instead of changing coloration.

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