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  1. Don't take this the wrong way but I am glad to hear this.  I thought I had screwed something up.  The Yotes have not been back since I saw them the first time.  I had a gray out there last night early but it vanished as soon as I lifted the sash.  I have been admiring a rather large red tail hawk ripping things apart and a couple crows that are working in a pair and always fly away at the right time.

  2. A red came in last night.  I convinced it to stay.


    I am going to ask a dumb question.  What can I use for a round 30-06 that doesn’t destroy the hide of those thinner skin animals.  Frangible, full metal jacket?  Right now I am using 150g core lok.  It is my favorite for deer season .


     I will start looking for a designated varmint rifle next year.



  3. That is a nice memory Whaler.


    This is my first winter back on the hill so I am trying to figure it out.  The bait pile has been really quiet.  I had visitors about 2 weeks ago and now nothing.  I notice the crows are even boycotting.  The only thing I could come up with is that the deer is frozen solid.

  4. Maybe I should get a beetle spin for my handle.....


    nah. I have a lot a scars and a few second chances.  To each his own but/and I do not want to tempt fate .  That is the kind of tattoo that makes a guy like me think about it.  Very cool!

  5. I never shot a ML until a few years ago.  I still have never fired at an animal.  I tried something new last night and was making excellent progress but ran out of light before I got the thing sighted into a couple hundred yards.  A couple of years ago I had no faith in a 20 yard shot.  I have been learning slowly.  I discovered back then that the jag was wrong and was messing up the plastic tip.  Last year I was out to 100 yards and feeling pretty good but not totally confident.  I was told go with powder - I could not find buckhorn anywhere, so I do not remember where I heard this but I picked up a package of these Hornady  SST-ML speed sabots.  These have a stem that slides down into the pellets (3).  I suppose you could trim them for 2 but I didn't want to change anything.  The idea is to keep all off the pellets aligned for better accuracy as well it reduces the likely hood of them being crushed while loading.  Anyways, I was very happy shooting my ML last night until the wind changed directions and about killed me.  An idea for those of you still struggling to find a combination.  I had heard just about everything regarding advice - Muzzle loaders are similar to women... They all have their (fill in here).

  6. Nittanyfisher makes a good argument against white pine but I think I would still plant them for speed but longevity maybe mix in some sort of spruce.  If it takes an average of 8 years for a Christmas grower to grow a Christmas tree under optimum conditions than I do not know that there will be a perfect short term solution.


    My brother has a similar issue.  His property had jack pines along the road for visual security and then the line company lopped the trees pretty low and they got diseased and died and he is trying to figure out what trees to plant to replace them.  It is important to him because you can see the food plots from the road.


    My brother planted some white pine on the farm and our cousin didn't know it and brush hogged 1/2 of them down.  That is frustrating...

  7. 18 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    Hinge cut your less $ trees.  It will screen in naturally.  Deer will feed on blackberry brambles all winter.  Deer don't get any nutrition from evergreens only thermal cover.  It sounds like you have that covered on your farm already.  

    Yes where possible, do this 1st.  It is quicker, easier, and much cheaper. 


    Save your plantings for future strategy.  I planted some norway spruce last spring where there were little to no trees not expecting them to be worth anything for 10 years or more.  But I thought they might be helpful for when I need to use a blind strategy.  Last year after Christmas I took down groves of poplar and some red maple.  I had deer using the poplars as wind breaks and were feeding aggressively on the red maple.  This literally happened over night.  Trim your deer pathways not for an atv but for a deer's natural security and plan them for your stand.  I almost always look for the perfect trees to set up in and then look to make the deer travel the way I want.  You can overtrim the first season and use those trees and branches from lanes you clear out to make obstacles to steer the deer.  It may not be good the first year but as things grow back in and look more natural, they will come.  Remember, a deer can jump a 6ft fence but it will also cross a 3 ft fence where a tree has knocked it down - over and over again instead of jumping it.  By perfect tree, I am referring to a tree or set of trees where you will not be silhouetted.  The same with your blind, if it stands out like a sore thumb they will not come.


    If you go out in March and April after the snow has melted you can see pretty clearly the routes the deer take and use this to your advantage when setting up ground cover and kill areas.  I like to plan my seasons ahead.  Unfortunately, what I have learned is that not every generation of bucks acts the same.  this means I have stands all over the property and do not hunt most of them some years...


    I have yet to do a food plot but will start hopefully this year.  I think with a preferred food source and good cover, I will be able to improve hunting seasons.


    Sorry for carrying on, X2 for what Gill-T wrote.

  8. You can look into honeysuckle for cover - it is native.  Autumn olive is not but also very hardy and quick growing.  I have both.  When I hitch trees on edges they take over and fill in.  I didn't have to plant either.  The rabbits and grouse love the habitat.


    For evergreens, I love white pine.  They are less disease susceptible and if they do get disease it is a natural way of stopping the upper growth so they just fill in anyways.

  9. I am guessing the deer was laying down and a hunter walked up on it and hurriedly shot at it thinking it was a true wild deer that was not accustomed to eating out of human hands.  The deer probably didn't know what the h e l l  was going on.


    I know everyone sees something different when watching the video but my intent was to show the deers natural healing power and perhaps help alleviate some concerns about wounding deer.  It is one of the worst feelings to know you hit a deer, potentially killing it, and can not harvest it.  I acknowledge the fact that there were no predators in the video so it is not an accurate presentation of real life but it is because of that detail that she could document so accurately.  Yes, it was a terrible shot - 100% agree on that.


    I have butchered deer that had completely healed over wounds where the hide showed no evidence of a previous puncture and there was scar tissue encapsulating a big tube of white blood cells.  I just butchered one last night where the fixed broadhead went down thru the tender loin and into the meaty part of the scapula region.  There was still a hole in the hide which showed the shap of the broad head and the scarring was intense.  The only active white blood cells oozing was around a matte of hair lodged in its tenderloin.  No gang green and no foul smell.  Depending on the winter, the deer probably would have survived. 

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