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  1. I wear an orange hat when I hunt by my self and I wear either an orange vest or an orange jacket when I hunt with a group.


    I went to some field trials as an observer and there rules were that you couldn't even step onto the property without an orange coat.


     The thing that orange might not help with is people shooting at movement,sounds, and at dark.  Buck fever is real and I remember as a teenager how it felt.  I also knew that I had parents that enforced hunting safety and culturally we took it serious.  It starts with the family unit.



  2. Sorry for your loss Duckman.  I have had a horrible go of it this year too but I didn't have to bury anybody so my heart goes out to you.  I saw all kinds of Deer upto the 2nd week of November and then they all disappeared on me.  I am looking forward to any resemblance of cold weather to get things moving in the right direction. 

  3. I missed out on some land this year.  It was land I had hunted all my life and had excellent potential for QDM.  the Executor of the estate had some ridiculous issue which I still am not sure of with my family and wouldn't sell to me even though I was willing to offer more $$ and less hassle.  The feeling wasn't good but I always look at things from the perspective that things happen for a reason and the only constant in life is change.  The glass half full is that it is sold to a couple neighbors on the other side who practice qdm so I know they will treat it right and its their taxes - not mine.  I will get by.

  4. Nice Buck!


    Excellent perspective Rob, I have 2 in the freezer but I haven't taken care of the landowner next door so I feel pressure to do so.  I don't mind eating tags and I do it every year but at least one for her would be nice.  The problem is that this warm weather doesn't help where I am at.  I need the cold streak that comes at Thanksgiving which we didn't get so I am getting the muzzy out and ready for late season.  I really need it to get cold.  Until then I will fish.  If the turf won't cooperate I will get the surf!



  5. Depends what type and where the 40 acre piece is.  I would take a 5 acre lot in some areas and plant early, mid and late season food plots and just wait in the comfort of a heated blind.  these are low browse areas.  they do exist and if you provide a food source harvesting becomes easier.  Security and food.  Doesn't take many aces for that.  The sanctuary by me is 13 acres.  I also hunt in an area where there is numerous food sources and numerous security areas.  I am in the process of creating more sanctuary on our farm.  This is where I believe my best outlook is for the future herd health and thus my opportunities.


  6. I have a pic of a perfect 10 pt.  It gets a pass from me because it is a young 1.5yr deer.  I have it on camera and have seen it in person at less than 10 yds.  I hope it gets smart quick.  This deer has the potential but antler restrictions won't help him.  I am quite sure he will be harvested Saturday because of his head gear and lack of wariness and buck fever - Unfortunate.

  7. Those brow tines are cool.  I have seen some really nice racks on this thread so far.  I hope it keeps coming.


    I have a boar on camera and saw him once on my way out.  I wanted to hunt him but I also wanted to give my cousin a chance to score his bow season deer without me busting his hunt.

  8. I got my first bow buck Monday night.  The story goes is I played the wind and remembered from a previous sit where the deer movement was originating.  I had my scentlok clothing and ozone closet and a bottle scentkiller for the extremities.  I drove the Atv straight into the wind across the field and placed it somewhere where nothing could see or smell it near where I was hunting and then it was about a 300yd walk down hill (so I wouldn't sweat) to the double stand I had buried neatly with large and small trees which also coincided with an ancient travel corridor which I recently opened up for natural deer movement.


    I noticed when I got in the stand that the high winds had placed an old hemlock branch in one of my shooting lanes but decided not to mess with it and make noise.  I would get it when I got down.  Well after about a half hour I hear a doe come by.  I had learned the hard way before that they come behind me and not to peer around the tree because they always see me and bust me so I squinted and pushed back against the tree and she literally walk under neath me.  So now I have a nice quarter away at about 15yds and she has no idea I am there.  Problem was that stupid branch.  I thought I could squeeze one thru -wrong so wrong, in the mud.  So after she left and blew once still never knowing what had happened I removed that f'n branch.  I sat back and waited for a while and rather than be dejected I knew a mature doe isn't usually going to be by herself.  About 15 minutes later, just about dusk the wind just gave that lull it gets in the evening and the squirrels got quiet so I decided to give a soft doe bleat.  I held it differently for what ever reason and ended giving a loud doe bleat.  About 3 minutes later I hear something crashing thru the woods and knew it wasn't a squirrel.  Since I knew exactly where that doe came thru behind me I could get ready to shoot without getting busted.  When this buck came in I got a good enough look to think he was on my list and then I waited for him to step into the opening and then I gave him a "meh" like they do on tv and he stopped and I let it rip.  I heard it hit and he bolted but ran with his tail up so I got concerned  I also never heard him crash and after the earlier mishap anxiety set in.  Fortunately he ran down one of my lanes so I could see his travel about 75yds. 


    Not sure what had happened I decided that I wasn't going to look for him right away.  Waited about 20 minutes before I got down and I went to where he was at the point of impact and found nothing.  By this time it gets dark quicker on the side of the hill and all I had for light was my red led flashlight and it gets pretty hard to see blood on wet leaves with a red light.  I decided to go home and make cheeseburgers for dinner like I promised.  So after dinner I had already changed into my work clothes I came back and I am glad I saw the direction the buck ran because it was there that I saw first blood and about 200 yds later found him expired.  The hit was a little high and behind but broke inside.  I never found the business end but soon realized the mechanical blades never opened.  I found the fletch end without the nock inside the cavity.


    Points of interest.

    It about killed me dragging him out of there.  Not huge but good for my area.  This is the 2nd buck in 4 yrs that I have harvested that had a heeled right broken leg.  I never noticed until I went back to verify it was the same deer in my TC pics.  It was super cool seeing him running down that doe like a beagle chasing a rabbit.  I also saw a bear that I have been wanting a crack at on the way out at last light.


    So I have hunted ever since my Dad gave me a bb gun in 1st grade.  I use to shoot bow for fun but never wanted to hunt with one primarily because I had no patience to sit.  Now that I am older and my body is failing, I am forced to slow down. I got into it  about 4 years ago and am super glad I did.  I have to say you can shoot your bow all you want and you can know how to deer hunt but there is and added challenge with deer hunting with a bow that I am still learning.  I feel very fortunate and very blessed for the opportunity.  I have been enjoying everyones experiences on this thread since Rob started it and I normally do not share my hunts but felt it appropriate.  I think there should be excellent activity right now.  Congratulations to those of you have connected and best of luck to those of you still in the "grind".

    17  buck hang.JPG

    17  buck woods.JPG

    17 buckme.jpg

    17 TC buck 1.JPG

    17 TC buck 2.JPG

    17 TC buck 3.JPG

  9. I cook the neck roast in a crock pot all day with non bitter beer and bay leaves.  Add some garlic and pepper sometimes.  I pull the meat off and let it shred in a bowl and add sweet baby rays and stuff between toasted bread.  Tastes better than any of the other roasts.  I attribute this to the tallow and marrow.


    side note:  I use this for those turkey drums too that everyone hates dealing with.  Just have to be careful of the small bones.



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