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  1. I think that is the worst feeling to know you gave a deer a death sentence but you couldn't harvest them.  I am glad you found her.  I saw a similar thing happen on a hunting show.  Arrow veered off course and hit the jugular on a caribou.   The hunters went from panick to relief and then elation when they realized they got lucky.

  2. Congrats to everyone who harvested opening day.  I went out morning and evening and and saw nothing in the stands but saw a 7 different 2nd yr bucks which was encouraging for the following years.  A few could have been spot and stalks but they weren't on my hit list. It was neat watching them spar.  I always get a kick out of it when the deer are interactive and not just feeding and sneaking.

  3. The down side with ozone is that it will age some of your synthetics faster.  I do not have one but I know someone who has one and he says the elastic waist bands on the undergarments  lose holding power.  I see this kind of degradation in the lab too.  With that said he says one charge in the bag and he can hunt up wind from deer all day.


    Don't forget your breath.  A lot of good it does to make your body and clothes low scent and have terrible breath.


  4. I have a rod holder on the back and I leave a 4 inch curly tail on a lightly weighted drop shot about 3ft up.  It is only behind the boat about 5- 10 yds and I fish with another rod and just let that thing follow along.  I usually get my biggest bass that way.  I tie on those easy spinner drop shot offset hooks and the bass hit so hard they hook themselves.  This lets me effectively fish to the side with another rod.  It is usually about the drift and I use different socks to get it right.  I love when the natural wind is just light and a good sun behind my back and I can maintain my line - usually around 15ft but you have to modify this to go where the fish are.  Natural colors only!  No metrosexual bubblegum pinks.


    I have another rod holder and have tried other presentations simultaneously - this one works.  I wouldn't mind hearing some others.


    Justin brings up some good points about the natural look.  I think a lot of times when the fish are not as active you actually have to be determined to cover less water and cover it better - meaning much slower.  Put the cranks and spinners away and use a two rod method.  Go super light on weighting your soft swim bait or worm and use 2 rods.  Throw one out and let it sit and then throw the other one out and let it set.  Bring in the first one twitching it but allowing to stay near the bottom.  When it comes in cast it back out and let it sit pick up the 2nd rod and repeat.  This of course assumes that there are fish in this area but if you are confident going lighter will produce if you can stay patient.  But like anything there are caviats.  This won't work if there is a strong reaction bite and you might as well go faster.  You will know because they will be hitting the bait on the fall.


    Stacey King once said that every bait will produce somewhere and not somewhere else.  That pretty much means that presentations are under that same umbrella.  I take a duffle bag full of soft plastics. and that is less than half of what I really have at home.  Gotta search and I go to the tackle shops and see what colors are missing from the shelves and that tells me which color is hot this year.  I love using this method because I hate what happens with the other hook points digging into the fish with cranks. 


    I could yammer on this for ever.  Get out there and try something.  I have been stuck at home this year in the middle of moving my family so I appreciate all of the pics/stories when you guys share them.

  5. I think in 5-10 years everyone is going to be talking about perch fishing in Keuka.  I am already seeing changes in the balance between alewives and perch.  Last years class was so intense that smallies were inside even in the depth hot summers when they use to be suspended over deep water.  They aren't puking up alewives but baby perch when you catch them.  I don't do lakers so I only have what I hear and I haven't heard a lot of positive things but I believe if people kept the smaller ones instead of the bigger ones it may be beneficial to the overall balance.


    As far as perch fishing goes.  should be able to get 6 in perch all day with a few 10s mixed and the occasional 12.

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