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  1. Finally made time to get some fishing in and made the most of it! My first time on Cayuga for the season and was rewarded big time! 2 personal bests in a single trip.
    After spending the morning on Owasco, we made the decision to switch it up and head to Frontenac for the afternoon bite. Left the harbor around 2 pm and setup in 100 FOW. Almost immediately the 10 color started screaming, taking the board under. After a 30 minute battle, we slipped the net under my personal best lake trout. Didn’t get any measurements as we wanted to get her back in the water right away, but I’m in the photo and am 6’5”, 205 pounds. I’ve caught several 30-32” fish, this one dwarfed them particularly in girth.
    After getting reset, things slowed down and we picked away at a few fish here and there. Around 3:30 pm we found a school of feeding fish and it was on! We started with a double on chunky rainbows in the 3-5 lb class, and things never slowed. Our 6 rod spread was more like a 2-3 rod spread for almost 2 hours.
    Around 4 pm we lost another very heavy fish that also took the TX-22 under! We were feeling a little discouraged until the 8 color took a shot…
    Initially not an overly aggressive strike but after a short while the fish took a massive run…. As I’m gaining, the fish continues to get heavier. At this point, I’m assuming we’re tangled or the fish is foul hooked. In my mind there was no way it was as big as it felt. As I reach the leader, the fish is still staying down and hasn’t showed itself. I hand the rod to my dad and reach for the net when it comes screaming to the surface! My 24” landing net was not even close to fitting him but did manage to bag this beast on my 2nd effort. 31” x 19” beast of a male. Sadly couldn’t revive him but at least got some very nice fillets. Still in shock over the massive Atlantic. Once in a life time fish for me.
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    Looking to make some room in my boxes. Located in PA but will be in the Penn Yan area 6/17-6/20 and would rather not ship. Most everything in new or excellent condition.


    Small spoon lot $40 (Sold)

    Stingers,moonshines, Jr streaks, Fishlanders



    Mag & Standard Spoon Lot $40

    Moonshine, FLT, Stinger, Wolverine



    Flasher/Fly lot $70

    Spin docs, paddles, Atommik flies, peanuts and bait heads





    High Seas Quad Tree Pair $300

    Some rubber caps missing used 2 seasons




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  3. Hi everyone, I’m hoping for some advice. My brother, father and I have been discussing a once in a lifetime fishing trip for trophy musky/pike. We’ve done remote drive-in trips to Ontario in years past for walleye and pike but really want a big musky.


    Some background on us, were experienced trout/salmon trollers but have little experience casting big baits. Ideally, we would like a fly-in or drive to destination that provides lodging, gear and a guide. We’re open to any location and appreciate any feedback you can provide.


    Thanks in advance!






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