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  1. I can say for sure that LOU has sped up the learning curve for me. That said, it's all relative and a successful outing should be by your own definition, not another fisherman's. Don't be afraid to experiment but more importantly document your successes and be sure to replicate!  Speaking to Cayuga: I've only fished it once recently. I was amazed by the population of bait and game fish we found in a 2 mile stretch.  2 rods was plenty for the morning and goby patterns seemed to outproduce everything else.  

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    Got to fish Cayuga for the first ever and was very excited for the opportunity to catch an atlantic. Thanks to some very good intel from friends, I felt fairly confident.  We launched on the west shore around 7:00 and I had just finished setting the rigger then fish on! This continued for the next hour, we only managed to fish 2 rods with bites coming every 5-8 minutes. We hit the “grand slam” by 9:30 and called it around 11. Finished with well over 30 bites landing several landlocks. Lakers very active and averaged fairly small but caught fish up to 8lbs. All in all, incredible fishery and beautiful lake. Will be back for sure.

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  3. Hey everyone! Looking for a recommendation on where stay/fish on Lake O’s south east shore. Planning on fishing the last week of August and would like a cabin or hotel recommendation between Oswego and Little Salmon. Having a slip would be nice but not a deal breaker, just want to be close to a launch. We’re experienced trollers just haven’t fished out of Oz in years.



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