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  1. I would love to hear a report from the guys that went out of Bear Creek on Saturday. I saw three trailers at the launch.

  2. I saw a few trailers at Bear Creek boat launch over the weekend and was hoping to see some posts as to if there was any action. Even though I think they were nuts for going out, I am curious as to the results. The trailers were gone later in the day so I know they didn't die.

  3. I installed a new X4 on my boat last week. Took it out for the first time but left the probe at home because I only planned on using boards. Unit powers on and asks for me to scroll through surface temp, speed, then down temp and speed then turns itself off. I have called the company and was told that since I have a 1997 Mercury on my boat that it is triggering the "internal breaker" on the LCD due to an open internal ground in the engine. First of all, the folks at Fishhawk are a...

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