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  1. On 10/7/2022 at 7:44 AM, Yankee Troller said:

    If there is SOOOOOOOO much bait out there then why our the fish so small? You would think the 20lb fish we caught in April/May would have surpassed 30lbs by August? I don't think we caught one over 25lbs this season. That's awful! 


    Here's an observation. I'm pretty good with my electronics and I have all the various types on my boat. Traditional sonar tends to make things look grossly oversized. Watching bait on those lower frequencies it may seem like there is a lot of it. When I get offshore and utilize my side imaging/down imaging it gives me a much better idea of the size of the bait pods. The one thing I noticed this season was how small those bait pods were compared to previous years.


    The other thing I've noticed the last 10-15 years is our fishery has changed. Back in the day July, August, and September were the months we made hay on salmon. West end fishing was good most of the season and the East end got hot in July and lasted the rest of the season. Check out the Spring Salmon fishery we've had over the last half a dozen seasons all over the lake. You can go out and target Salmon in April - May from Oswego to the Niagara Bar. It's almost looks like we've trading a Fall fishery for a Spring fishery.

    In 2001 16 of the top 20 Kings in the Fall Derby were over 40. 
    I remember back in the day ****ing about another 25 pounder. 
    I believe bait isn’t the only factor. 

  2. Got into my stand at 330. Pretty evening and good wind. A few minutes after 6 a quad comes flying up from the south and drives right up to the trail leading to my stand. I start yelling at him (many profanities) and told him to come here. 
    He starts to and has second thoughts and screws. Good news is I know where he lives and drove the mile and a half south to his house. Little knocks on the door got no response but banging did. 
    At first he denied it but when I told him his choice was one of my cop friends or a handshake and an apology he chose the second option. At least at this point he knows I know where he lives. 


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  3. Fun morning. Lots of deer on their feet. 
    Had a group of five deer, three big doe, a button buck and a doe fawn walk by me five times. Saw two young bucks. 
    Hoping to see a shooter soon but at least I’m seeing multiple deer almost every hunt. 

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