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  1. What are the differences on the arrow other than white hair or green stuff? How does a boiler room arrow look different than a muscular one? I tried to track a gut shot buck my son shot some years back in red brush. At one point I found a six inch piece of bowel on the branch of a tree. After about a mile lost the blood. Looked for that deer for days and never found it.

  2. Not that bad $2300-$2500 5 day hunt,but no breakfast or lunch included.

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    The cabin we stayed in was pretty nuts. The pond is loaded with bass and the mounts on the wall of the cabin were very impressive.
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    Good luck Dude

    I'm doing the backyard thing, trying to keep the Hamlin pieces quiet. This afternoons a lot better than this morning, I got soaked. Had a cute 21/2 yo walk by at 15 yards but no clear shot on a doe.

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  4. Jigging has grown in leaps and bounds in the saltwater scene and a lot of their success could apply to the lake.

    Google jigging for cod etc etc and I think you will get a wealth of information. Also Google jigging fluke and sea bass. This summer I enjoyed a great day jigging both of those on my dads boat. The water depth and current concerns were pretty much the same you would run into for Lakers. post-150305-14446922971716_thumb.jpg

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