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  1. I agree but in the twenty years I lived there I've seen Dadys barn and Tommys with chunks of ice the size of Hyundais pressed against them and with the right conditions this year it could be a lot worse. Legacy spent a lot of time with dock work last spring and the weather gave us a big pass last year even though for a while it looked pretty bad. If it stays cold and we get more snow, and it gets warm and wet quick, it could be epic.

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  2. I was fortunate to be on the Boston Whaler Tournament team from the late eighties to the mid 90's. We fished the top tournaments in the northeast and mid Atlantic. Spent many a day 100 miles offshore in snotty weather in a 27 foot boat. I wouldn't think of being offshore in any other boat of that size.

    Also enjoyed participating in sea trials of all the Whaler models. The things they did to those boats and the conditions they did them in were nuts. No wonder why the U.S. Military used them to the degree they did. Shoot them full of holes and no worries.

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    Whalers were made in Rockland Mass till the 90's and were top quality hand made boats. They were purchased by Brunswick and the operations transferred to Lakeland Florida. They became a little more mass produced. Either way they are incredibly stable and safe. Go to any seaside town and its Whaler city.

    The hull design of 17's and under is for stability, hence a little stiff. The ride of 18's to 27's can't be touched and is completely dry.

    Bob Dougherty, a great Whaler engineer started Edgewater boats in the 90's and they are incredible boats.

    Whalers last forever. They don't need stringers and transoms like many local boats here do every ten years.

    Most of the previous comparisons made in this thread are silly. Like comparing BMW's to Dodge minivans.

  4. When people say "kill them all", they really mean shoot as many as you can. Coyotes are awesome and I have the utmost respect for them. Mange kills more fox and yotes than hunters and trappers ever do. Don't worry too much about the population of yotes, overpopulation is their biggest problem.

    Different types of Hound hunting yotes. Some flush and chase and the hunters shoot. Others are bred and trained to run them down and kill them.

    The group I hunt with are the flush and shoot type. I have never hunted with the other type but I respect what they do.

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