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  1. That being said there’s a reason why people elected Biden and the rest of the clowns. Whatever that reason is was mirrored in the recent mid terms. 
    Until those reasons are understood and appropriate changes made in the party history will continue to repeat itself. 
    The Democrats do a great job of motivating their base. The amount of mail in votes they garner reflect that. 
    Personally, I’m not going to sweat it. 
    It is what it is, the people have spoken. 
    I have as many lib friends as conservative ones.  I’ll continue to concern myself with my family, home and friends.  The election is over, time to move on. 

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  2. Trump violated the Constitution. 
    He has only damaged the Republican Party since his actions regarding the election he clearly lost. It’s unfortunate because he accomplished a tremendous amount during his presidency. 
    For the republicans to be viable and successful they need to ditch him or we will be stuck with what we have now which is a complete joke. 

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  3. Was limping coming through, not a giant but the the limp is gone. 
    I got the text at 5, loaded the quad and drove out for the recovery. Fallen tree in the lane way made me have to find a detour which on a dark rainy night was exciting. Fun stuff!

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