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  1. 7 hours ago, fishshack said:

    Nice deer fellas!!

    Got out with my son this am. Perfect conditions. Cold, crisp, frosty, and crunchy.

    About 8 he texts me he hit one. Trolling thru woods w nose down. 18 yd shot. Pass thru and arrow is sticking in the dirt. We waited an hr and had a great blood trail. Went 100 yds. Cameras have been picking up the past 2 nights. 




    Great stuff. Can’t beat this time of year. Congratulations. 

  2. 1 hour ago, fmrdd0331 said:

    Finally put it all together this am. Nothing but pure luck. With daylight savings time I walked into the woods almost right at first light. As I walked in the whole woods stank. You know, that smell that punches you in the nose and you get excited. Plus saw two scrapes where I bent limbs for a licking branch. As I got about 50 yards from my stand, bam, deer blew and ran away. I was heartbroken. So I thought my hunt was screwed up for good. But, needed my mental health sit so I climbed the tree. Not even 15 minutes later I hear what sounded like a freight train coming from my right.  Then I started hearing several grunting sounds.  I looked over when he finally came into view and felt my heart at the top of my throat. Then the shaking started. I mean, I’m 43 and been in the woods a while. Was a Sergeant 03 in the marines. But this animal rattled me.  I’ve never seen this in the woods. Ranged him at 42 yards. Picked up the crossbow to sight in.  Couldn’t stop shaking.  Dropped down, took a few breaths.  Still can’t stop. If it was a bow I might have rattled the arrow off. Closed eyes, deep breath, exhale- natural respiratory pause, then it went. Ran 40 yards,stopped and coughed.  Blood shot out his mouth and fell down. 20.5 inch spread. 203 lbs.  and a taxidermist is in my future.  I love this thread every year. 





    Bad ass buck!

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  3. Shot was a little low and forward. They let it sit a few hours and bumped it around midnight. 
    Went back this morning after a heavy rain and I got lucky and found it in the middle of a standing cornfield while they were looking for blood and tracks. 
    Better to be lucky than good. 

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