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  1. That hardware store always has nice minnows, most all other baits. Plus they are friendly folks. We used to drive there from Dexter in the late fall, because Judy closes up come late fall. BJ bait shop. Sent from my LG-M327 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. calling all dogs

    Congrats!! That’s a nice looking dog also, but a much better one now!! thanks for posting!! We got pounded with 8” of snow last night, so our plans didn’t materialize. It was snowing a inch per hr. Or better.
  3. Florida school shooting

    Let me tell you my father Never laid a hand on my behind or other parts of me. My two sisters were raised in your world, paid their car, car insurance, basically no fear no worries. I had 1 driving ticket in my life thats it. My sisters are a waste to society!! On drugs, robbed my house. Both been in jail for stealing a prescription pad and writing out there own scripts. Dont tell me about discipline. Give my mom and dad the finger, soon as dad would go to do something my mom would intercept, just let them go. I would have had to weed the garden all weekend. Look at what you created. When I had my Cinderella license you best bet you were in the driveway by 11:59pm because the light came on to the sidewalks to get in. 12:01am no lights but dad was there with his hand out, put the keys in his hand and don't ask when you were getting them. They will lay on the counter in do time. Mom & dad got divorced and my sisters went to Florida with mom, I told you what pieces of human shyt to society. Nuff said about discipline. Im not in jail, never robbed anyone. Everything I own I had to work for never got anything handed to me other than my own ass when it was well deserved!! Even by these damn walleyes. LOL Sent from my LG-M327 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Florida school shooting

    LOL yea I remember getting the little patch of hair pulled right at the neck line, in my time it was called(if you dont pay attention Im going to rip a putch) YOW does that hurt, been in Mr.Bloods office he had a paddle with holes drilled in it!! Then the biggest fear was at 5:00pm dad got home!! YIKES!!! Sent from my LG-M327 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Bunk versus roller guide one

    What SK8man said!! With the high water and winds last year, I had a hell of a time loading my boat 22ft with roller trailer. Put those posts on, and WOW what a difference, as long as you get the nose through the post you can drive right up to the front bumper. The posts are reinforced with a square piece of metal inside and they are very strong. I personally think that was one of the best thing I did to the trailer!!
  6. Florida school shooting

    Right in my back yard is a perfect example, that jack azz Flinn that shot those two cops, 1 died the other is getting better, but for weeks they chased this nit-wit till they found him in a vacant airplane hanger..those guys worked their asses off to find him, but we can send a missel down the chimney of a house in the Middle East. These guys should have been given military support!! Instead of risking the lives of those men in uniform!!
  7. Florida school shooting

    This is crazy, when i went to school we could bring our shot guns on the bus, and put it behind the driver. The next day you were allowed to bring a box of shells. Gym class we hunted birds along with the gym teachers. They stocked pheasants in the corn field that is now a bus compound. Everyone including me had guns in gun racks in our 4×4. Even as mad as I've been, going through my first marriage/divorce in hock she had me for 90 grand at that time 89-90 the last thing on my mind was to kill her. We used the old saying carma's a bytch. My wife is a school teacher and fears teacher-parent conferences. My daughters are in school also, so ya Dick I'm with you. The problem is its easier to turn a blind eye to the situation than confront it. In school when I was there everyone carried a pocket knife. If someone pizzed off me or anyone else it was a fist a cuff either you became best friends or just ignored the guy. Here's the problem your a big man behind that computer!! Meet me face to face. All these kill games where you come back to life 100 times aint so in the real outdoors. That some never see. Sent from my LG-M327 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. I know a lot of guys around here have switched over to Savage, they claim is the barrels are much better also the triggers are supposed to be much better. I know of a lot more Savage rifles bought than Remington’s. In this neck of the woods also the price difference may have made a difference?? Most of my rim fire guns are Savage models.
  9. Was wondering if anyone could elaborate on the meeting last night.
  10. calling all dogs

    Congrats to the guys!! That is a dandy yote!! Gotta give credit where credit is do!! Nicely done!!!
  11. I’d go West young man, those Mountains got gold!!!
  12. Penn Yan

    What Rolmops is saying is absolutely true as just the other week or so, I saw a commercial on TV. Saying how great the ice fishing is and it was one of the fingers, I’m not that hard core of a ice fisherman, or I would have paid more attention. The commercial showed people on the ice and dark patches on the ice. It was on the fishing channel. They were specifically targeting a NY finger lake, Damn it I wish I could remember. They say the minds the first to go. The wester basin of LakeO get a lot of air time when NY State is advertising the state itself. More about fishing now, before the winter time was about snowmobiling.
  13. new sled for shanty

    Why couldn’t you put like that cutting board material on each side of the sled countersinking the smaller tapered head machine screws to protect that area?? unless it’s to thin already. I put that material on the front of my uncles, even heated it up to make the curve in the front on each side?? Just a suggestion??
  14. Sea Ray Amberjack

    just say no!!
  15. Penn Yan

    Soon that’s all you’ll be doing, walking on water
  16. Cabela’s

    There coming out with a new reel Diawa Lexa there in the Hamburg store I just saw them Monday, I went down they had snow camo on sale like 75%off but they failed to tell the public if you were 7’ tall or have Omar the tent maker, making your pants there’s a good chance there was a pair that might of fit you. I was Pizzed off, but I always walk through the reel section and I saw them but to mad to make any purchase at that time so I didn’t even pick it up.
  17. Sea Ray Amberjack

    Take it from a person with the same thought, had outboards all my life never had any issues other than normal wear and tear. I had to have a inboard, feel the power and hear that bad ass 350 rumble!! never again, they consume fuel like I got stock in opec LOL, way to many moving parts. Between the motor and the outdrive. Plus the ritual of winterizing it. The newer outboards are so much better then I/0 in my book. Now your looking at twice the amount of maintenance!!! I had/have both and would never go with a I/0 again. JMO, I’m consider myself pretty handy, so if your not to mechanically inclined you will have bills enough to give you a heart attack. That my feeling towards what your going to do.
  18. I’ll take them, as things are under way, thanks PAP
  19. Wow who would of thought Remington fire arms would be in distress, that’s a bad rap for the company to have been labeled with that mishap. People are clueless, what if it was a Winchester?? Would people boycott Winchester?? Not miss the picture here the didn’t walk itself in there and kill those innocent people a not head behind the gun killed those folks. It’s terrible that we have such freaks in this country. All it takes is one to ruin it for all.!!!
  20. calling all dogs

    Your a lucky man Bondouley!! Sometimes I wish my wife would go, but she doesn’t want anything to do with it, but promotes me to get out there and doesn’t bytch about the cost of things, I’m sure if I told her I need $5grand for a thermal scope she’d get a little “your kidding me right” LOL, I’m waiting on a set of Wicked lights for my 22/250 I have one on my scatter gun.
  21. Dipsy rigs

    Run braid on your eye rigs with a 20’ fluorocarbon leader, thumbs down way to fly. On LakeO.
  22. calling all dogs

    Agree with Ken that’s a good looking yote if there is such a thing
  23. calling all dogs

    That’s cool stuff there!! Yea, I know Whaler but with all this rain it was a wash out weekend, I was hoping it would get rid of all the snow but not yet, now its one giant ice skating arena, but near 50’s to near 60’s later this week. Near record cold tonight. Warmer temps thru next week also hope this put the mating season into high gear!!!
  24. Trolling with carbed two stroke?

    I had a 88/88SPL on a 18’er center console, can’t tell you how many times I kicked myself in the a$$ for selling that boat and motor, she trolled for hrs. & hrs. with never even a hiccup. Best motor I ever owned!! I ran Amsoil in it 100-1 plugs were always a nice chocolate brown. If tuned correctly you shouldn’t have any issues!!