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  1. I saw this place of all places?? IBoats.
  2. Xxx

    Rochester walleye

    Out in Erie they call that rig a weight forward rig, on the same principles as a mayfly rig. Happy hooker bait shop sells both rigs. I don't have one but I could tie one up in a few days really busy right now. The weight forward rig is really popular in the western basin of Erie if you do a search or go to LEU there might be someone that could show you. I tried an Google keeps showing Erie dierys. Good luck I really think these would work on lady'O.
  3. Old saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true than it usually is!! been there done that.
  4. When do you plan to winterize this boat? I was watching this boat for awhile. I really wanted to move into the late nineties, but at your price I'd certainly consider that into the facture!! Send me the area code so can see how long it would take me to get there. Even if you weren't home I could still give her an eyeball. I'd call ya to let you know I'm there. I'm 2 weeks away from having my in laws place auctioned off so my time is very limited. Let me know if this is doable have cash will need a notary to do paperwork. But that can be done any time. Give me a ya or na and ill pm my phone # to ya.
  5. Xxx

    East end Walleye action

    Nice fish guys great video, cool of ya on the release of the big girls!!
  6. $150.00 I'll takem and pay shipping!!
  7. If it seems to good to be true it usually is
  8. Really nice boat!! Is it 2 barrel or 4 carb floor appears carpeting?? Did the boat sit during the years with/without antifreeze in exhaust manifolds and block?? How long of a test run did you do?? Thermostat in or not?? Interested in boat.
  9. That's awesome!! Yes this year will go down as a record year for many folks!!! As great of a year it was for the trout and salmon this has been one of the worst for me, fishing for eyes, caught a few but not the number of other years, but the trout and other silver fish certainly made up for it. I pulled my boat last Saturday and the lake was like glass. Brought a tear to my eye to think how great of a year it was and how fast it went by. Till next year be safe and enjoy your family and holidays.
  10. Xxx

    Not real happy

    I totally agree circus!!! At least there’s a few old school guys left!!! Plus I sure do hope that Hooked up gets his boat fixed right!!! It’s bad enough he had to miss any time on the water this year as this has been a banner year for sure, that should be taken in to perspective also.
  11. Xxx

    Rochester walleye

    Been using the kitech in the charcoal/glitter & vmc stand up jig with the big eyes. They are 5 in a pack for $5.00 not cheap but what is if it works. Most of the time I can get a few bass on 1 piece but with the eyes it’s a 1 to 1 ratio they are so soft but that’s the best part of the kitech minnow. I have a friend that makes thousands of softbaits for his store and on-line business he bought the mold but just can’t come up with the secret recipe. LOL they work but not like the main brand. This new Ned system really intrigues me!! Especially the weedless swim type. Take care Justin best of wishes to you and family also the deer season.
  12. Well said Les!! This year because the jet ski folks at the Black River Camp Grounds have ruined it for everyone who used to tie up to steaks drove into the bank, the fisherman and considerate folks walked along the bank and up the steps, no not those jackass numbheads they just walk strait up through the other campers lot creating a problem!! Now no one can tie off at the bank, either put your boat on the trailer everyday or rent a slip at $20.00 a day. I always got a slip as I can’t crawl up the bank with my issues, just another thing that bone heads ruined for everyone. This country is going to shyt in a hurry that’s for sure....
  13. Beautiful fish on 9/11 the walleye gods rewarded you graciously!!! Congrats
  14. Xxx

    Not real happy

    It’s funny that this world has come to a point you have to afraid to even open your mouth on here any more. I was instructed by a state inspector that came every 6 months in the 22 years I was in business for myself he was a Black man/ Afro American whatever is the proper term at the moment is as it might change next week. Anyway I referred a mess as a ——rigging and a college educated person with one hell of a sun tan told me he’d appreciate it if I’d refer the mess as a Afro engineered mess. I didn’t think that would upset some tender toed individuals. Just listen to the music that this younger generation listens to, but that’s ok.
  15. Xxx

    Not real happy

    My old and do mean old Sea Ray, I can say, maybe I shouldn’t put the cart before the horse, that’s one thing I’m most impressed with is this is the most dry boat I’ve ever had, 31G less and 36 years older, Yet still not a drop of liquid sunshine was ever in the bilge area!! I would be pizzed off for sure, but at who would be debatable, if the dealer tried to do you good by cobbing something makeshift to get you through the season and it worked even halfassed I would think pretty high of him as it’s not his fault. He didn’t build such a halfassed Afro engineered boat from the get go!! I’d demand my money back under the lemon law and purchase a better manufacturerd boat. Best of luck whichever direction you go in!!!
  16. What’s the difference between those and the reg offshore boards??
  17. Xxx

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    Those land locks are one beautiful looking fish!! I’d love to land one of those beauties!!!
  18. Xxx

    Fat guy's getting a bigger boat!

    You also and back at all those with nice comments. Don’t want to hijack your thread!! Good folks on here for sure!!!
  19. Best time of the year and with this weeks weather forecast it’s realy sickening to think I have to leave tonight to get my boat and close up camp because there’re closing up 2 weeks earlier than previous years,,
  20. Don’t tell me you ain’t got time to hunt now??? LOL those bass will be their after the seasons over!! Just busting ya, can you pull it back after your surgery?? I can’t and just can’t justify the price of a crossbow. Before they were legal you couldn’t give on away.
  21. I was hoping to move into the 2000’s but this one is exactly what I’m looking for. Have to weigh the cost of a repower would like to reboot the power plant into the 2000 era also. Having put that 15hp merc 4 stroker for my kicker has me spoiled now LOL.
  22. Xxx

    Fat guy's getting a bigger boat!

    What boat were ya lookin to buy?? Sorry guys I’ve been super busy getting my in laws place ready to be auctioned off!! Come Oct. 27. They lived in a nice size ranch house with a fully finished basement, and a full attic. Man O Man do those folks have stuff. They were old school folks and you know what that means!! They didn’t run to the store often, but when they did it was like Sams Club or BJ’s they stocked up on stuff!!! Plus my Father in Law had Tri- axel dump trucks for 38 years and a huge garage where we did most all repairs ourselves. There’s just so much stuff!!! We are like overwhelmed!!! The auctioneer is bringing 4-5 people interested in the house and his shop which is across the street on it’s own deed with well and septic. When he retired he was going to tune the shop into 4 nice size apartments. So that’s what I’ve been up to these days.