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  1. I've got a couple people coming into town late July for work and they want to do some fishing.  I have always wanted to do a Niagra River bass charter and thought that might be fun.


    Anyone know how the fishing is that time of year.   I would assume it is good timing, but never fished the river.   Also wondering if upper or lower river is better.   Any advice on charters to consider?


    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. These tracks were outside our barn in Hamlin this evening..  that is a can of cat food for scale..


    I am leaning towards fox but curious on others opinions..


  3. 45 minutes ago, idn713 said:

    Typically I would agree with you, could just be too warm of a year for maximum bulb utilization. Obviously the ultimate plot would be corn, but I’ve heard that can be a pain to do. 

    I have planted corn and have had success in doing so..    The problem I have with corn is that everything likes it and at the end of the day you can plant a few acres and it does not amount to much sustainable food (for the most part you get one ear per stalk, maybe 2).   Between the birds, turkey, racoons (you will be amazed how much they can eat), deer, etc..   whenever I have planted corn it was essentially gone by mid-November...   I like Brassica because it provides the bucks something substantial to eat coming out of the rut.....  Part of it depends on what your goal is...  hunting plot?  post rut food source?  

  4. I find that they usually eat the greens first and then once the greens are gone they focus more on the bulbs.   I think this year has been a little odd because we have had almost zero snow cover and there is tons of food everywhere...   It almost seems like sometimes they know the bulbs are there, but they leave them for when they really need them...  If we get a foot of snow, I am willing to bet my plots will be all dug up because they know they are there and will go after them.

  5. 1 hour ago, bondouley said:

    Haven't seen him since his velvet came off till this Monday when he showed up on my camera looking at my mock scrape at 1230pm. I couldnt hunt Monday but made plans to hunt afterwork Tuesday on till either I got my shot or he stopped showing up on my cameras


    Tuesday I got in my stand at 430 and didnt see any deer till about 6pm when I heard a buck grunting and pushing a doe around. I couldnt see bodies just legs through all the beech trees. They never came where I could see them.   Just as I pulled into my apartment complex I got a pic of him in my mock scrape again. It was about an hour after dark so I knew he was still in there!


    Wednesday I got in my stand alittle later around 440 and there was actions right away.  I tried to set up my video camera but a screw fell out of the head so I couldnt use it.  I filmed a couple smaller bucks including a nice 2.5yr old 9pt and some does by hand held.  About 5 mins after 2 does came thru I heard grunting from behind me.  The buck circled me but I couldnt see it just heard the grunts.  Finally I saw him walking to my mock scrape gave him a couple grunts and he turned my way.  He walked right into 12yrds where I put a g5 montec through his heart. He piled up 75yrds away!


    This took place on 15 acres in Genesee county that I have permission to hunt.  Its my 2nd mature buck in 3 yrs off that property.  The key is to not over hunt it and wait till they show up on camera.  Every buck in those woods hits my mock scrape at 1 time or another every season. 


    Wow!!!   How wide is he?   Very well done!!

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  6. 2 hours ago, Legacy said:


    update... Its 730 now

    12 different bucks on camera since 430 am this morning (730 now). 2 mature, 3 2.5 year olds, and a pile of first racks. Does have been almost nonexistent on camera. Im guessing 50% on food and 50% deep in hiding 

    Always interesting the difference area to area…. yesterday it was like that for me in northern Livingston county..   most of the bigger bucks during daylight hours..   this morning just doe and small bucks..

  7. One of the techs at Vortex (was on the phone talking to him in regards to an issue I was having) told me never to fire a scopes gun in a Lead Sled..  he said it does not allow the “energy” to release and can break the optics..


    just curious if anyone else has a view on this or an experience with an optic breaking.


    I have always found mine to be a great tool for sighting in so was surprised to hear this view.

  8. 16 minutes ago, Legacy said:

    Thanks for all the positive vibes everyone!



    So the update is... no deer. Major disappointment to say the least. Brought in Thor and Bob Yax to track and there just wasnt blood. From what we could tell I must have grazed him and oddly it was enough for him to mule kick. About 60-80 yards all I had 5 pin drops of blood. Put Thor on the tracks and eventually he lost interest. Good news is the deer is still alive and kicking. Maybe with just a slight flesh wound.  Deer was 60-70 Broadside. Not a shot I should ever miss.


    Rewind... 2 weeks ago I shot and missed a buck standing in the exact same spot. Literally the same spot. I figured I rushed the shot because I had a very short window to make it happen. My first response was to head to the range the next day and make sure it was all me. At the range my first 2 shots out of the gun were almost 9" high and 9" left at 100 yards. It was obvious that I must have shot over him and spent some time correcting the gun. Yesterday wasnt any different. After realizing that I "missed" this deer I went to the range again. My first shot was right 9".  Im guessing I grazed the buck in his brisket and that was the reason for the mule kick.


    The question is WTF is going on with this gun???? I dont claim to be a sniper but these are chip shots that I should be missing. These opportunities are slim so to have equipment failures really blows my mind. I spent over 2 hours at the range yesterday and left there satisfied that the gun is shooting where it is supposed to. It is zeroed for 100. The last three shots yesterday were 1.5 " group.  For those wondering I am shooting a CVA Accura V2 w/ Leupold VX Freedom Scope,100 grains (volume) of Blackhorn 209 powder w/ Blackhorn 209 breech, CCI Mag primers, and Barnes Spit-fire TMZ 250 grain bullets.


    The saga continues...



    I would start with checking the scope mounts and if that is all fine, I would make sure the rings are seated properly (was a torque driver used to mount scope?) and if that checks out, I would be getting a new scope...   Something is not right, and you work too hard to get into position on a mature buck to have equipment failures.   Just my opinion.   

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