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  1. I have all 3 sizes in stock and ready to ship. Sales have been brisk with alot of you taking advantage of my buy 4 get one of equal or lessor value free. I'm willing to count previous orders towards the 4. Paypal allows you to use a credit card. Or you can contact me 315 825 5848c. Or [email protected] free shipping.
  2. Great thanks. What did you buy and where do I send it? Are you a ny resident? Al
  3. Yes! Same sale pricing. Free Shipping Original 24 x 16.6 = $35 Magnum 36 x 16.6 = $45 Walleye 24 x 9.6 2 sided =$25 Sale buy 4 get one free. Al 315 825 5848c [email protected]
  4. Great thanks. Your paypal message had everything I needed to fill your order. I had pads in stock and turned your order around in 24 hours. Free Shipping USPS. Delivery is expected Saturday. Please let me know if I can help you. Big Al 315 825 5848c
  5. Great thanks. What did you buy and where do I send it? Are you a ny resident? Al
  6. Yes, but thru paypal. It's pretty easy decide what you want. Total up order. Go on paypal. Use your credit card snd Send the total to [email protected] free ship. Al 315 825 5848
  7. ALL NEW SPOON AND LURE HOLDERS BY BIG AL. These are great for storing and displaying spoons, stick baits and other lures. Tested and approved by charter captains like Rick Pecci, Dreams Come True charters since before 2011. The black closed cell foam resists water and holds hooks securely. The clear thick UV stabilized cover protects the spoons from fading and protects the hooks from fingers. It allows you to "shop" your lures while to pick out what lure will be next. The cover is held down by Velcro strips. The solid brass grommets allow an easy point to hang pad from. The top wood doweling keeps the pad flat while holding as many as 240, NK-28, sized spoons on an Original/standard Pad. These are made by fisherman for fisherman in the U.S.A.. Each pad consists of a closed cell foam pad, clear UV plastic cover, top wood doweling, solid brass grommets, Velcro tabs. These pads are designed to give you many years of service. I have pads from 2011 that are in use and look like new. [email protected]; 315-825-5848C "Quality is remembered after price is forgotten" Walleye Size Lure Holder, 24" x 9.92", Double Sided, + $25 each free shipping Original/standard Size Lure Holder, 24" x 16.62", Single sided, = $35 each Free shipping4 Magnum Size Lure Holder, 36" x 16.62", Single sided, +$45 each free shipping SPRING - SUMMER SALE BUY 4 GET ONE FREE Pay by paypal with credit card. Or check. all sizes in stock. Captain Rick Pecci Magnum size 36" x 16.6" 1 sided Dreams come True charters Magnum size
  8. Lure Fading, Capt. Rick Pecci has used there pads since before 2011 and has had no issues with fading.
  9. Spoon storage

    Lure fading - Capt Rick Pecci has used my pads since before 2011, without noticing any fading. The plastic I use is UV stabilized. Fyi P
  10. Spoon storage

    Yes, they hang from the hook. I have captains that like the original 24 x 16.6 or Magnum 36 x 16.6.for these spoons. Each boat is different and each captain has their own way of storing spoons. I used my first prototype as a place to put all the hot spoons and stick baits, so I could bring them to my buddies boat if we were fishing on his/ mine.
  11. Spoon storage

    You might want to try "Big Al's lure holders. See LOU classified. . I make 3 different sizes, 24 x 16.5 one sided, $35 ; 24 x 9.5 2 sided $25: magnum 36 x 16.5, 1 sided $45 ea Spring sale buy 5 get one (any size free), FREE shipping, My pads are an easy way to store/ protect/display your spoons/stick baits. Wood top stiffener so foam pad doesn't warp. solid brass grommets to hang pad from (no rust). Custom sizes available
  12. Wtb: 10 lb cannon balls

    Hi, I have 10# fish style weights $20 un painted, $25 painted . Paint is baked on powder coat green, orange, black. 315 825 5848.
  13. More pictures from new customer
  14. FIRST CANADIAN CUSTOMER!!! I wanted to let you all know that I've got my first "Canadian" customer!! I wasn't sure how to handle international sales but it was no big deal. Paypal converted the money and USPS covered the freight. It was a learning experience but I feel confident that I can make it work. My order ships tomorrow. So Please Canadian fishermen and women please consider buying my product!! Al