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  1. I'd like to get a table. Any phone # to call? [email protected] 315-825-5848
  2. Hi, Is there a contact number to call? How many tables to they have? Big Al's Lure Holders
  3. I've got some RED welding screen lure holders made. Included are 3 cable tie bases and 3 re-usable cable ties Magnum 36 x 16 $50 + $7 ship Original 24 x 16 $40 +$6 ship If you've waited, now is time to buy these are nice
  4. By request I've made some "Big Al's" Lure holders with a Dark Sun Screen cover film. This film is dark enough to protect your eyes from an ARC welder. Meets ASTM-D-882 and 1004. Size Magnum 36 x 16.6 I've added 2 bottom Velcro tabs, to make a total of 3, I've also included 3 cable tie self adhesive bases, 2 re-usable cable ties. Except for the film these are the same product that you know and love. My goal here was to protect glow and other finishes in direct sun light and it does it nicely. This cover replaces my clear cover. $50 each, plus $7 shipping Other sizes by quest. Lures NOT included
  5. FYI. I'll be at the Sportsman's Flea Market, Wild wood Sports Center 5740 Fikes Rd. Elbridge, (315-689-1066 on Saturday. Stop by my table and say Hi.
  6. Here are some custom size pads i make for "Yankee Troller". Doesn't his boat look great? Al
  7. ALL NEW SPOON AND LURE HOLDERS BY BIG AL. These are great for storing and displaying spoons, sick baits and other lures, Tested and approved by charter captains like Rick Pecci, Dreams Come True Charters, lake Ontario; Peter Rahl Happy Hooker Charters, Lake Superior. 3 Sizes Original 24" x 16.6" = $35 ea plus shipping Magnum 36" x 16.6" = $45 ea plus shipping Walleye 24" x 9.6" Double sided $25 ea plus shiping
  8. Anyone have a phone number to call to get a table? thanks Al 315-825-5848c
  9. All sizes in stock. I'm busy filling orders. Fast shipping, Buy 4 get one free of =/- value, previous purchases count.
  10. Hi, I have these in stock and will be mailing these to you on Monday am. Thank you. Sorry, we missed the post office closing time today 11:30am
  11. Hi, Yes I'm selling all 3 sizes for this year. I'll be t the ELOSTA show in March. As a repeat customer (you purchased 2 original's last spring) I'll extend the Sale buy 4 get one free to you. send me payment by pay pal as we discussed. thank you. Big Al
  12. Nice boat. I own one NOT for sale. which motor are you looking for?
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