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  1. ALL NEW SPOON AND LURE HOLDERS FOR 2017 - BY BIG AL These are the same lure holders that were sold by Captain Rick Pecci. Dreams Come True Charters. If you have purchased these in the past, you know them and you love them. I am the maker (Big Al). Rick and I worked together to create these. If you see his boat he uses a lot of these. His use helped me perfect this design and I thank him for it. Rick is busy with his Lake and River Charter businesses and doesn't have time to spend on these so I'm stepping up. The pricing for 2017 is as follows - free shipping, buy 4 of any holder get one free. STANDARD REGULAR SPOON HOLDERS, SIZE, 24 X 16.5, $35.00 each MAGNUM SIZE SPOON HOLDER, SIZE 36 X 16.5, $45.00 each WALLEYE/DRIFT BOAT LURE HOLDER, SIZE 24 X 9, $25.00 each TWO SIDED (these work great in a smaller boat. I put mine on the sides.) These are hand made by me in the USA locally. The foam is closed cell to help keep if from absorbing water. The wooden stiffener keeps the foam from drooping from the weight of the spoons when fully loaded. The solid brass grommets won't rust and makes it easy to hang them up. The cover is made from UV safe plastic. The Velcro tab on the cover and foam is there to keep the cover from blowing up when your boat is under way. No international shipping please, unless you have a US address. Call or text me at 315-825-5848. PayPal or check. I'm willing to make other sizes/designs if the order size is worth it. Give me a call.
  2. Hi, I still have this radar system. listed this on ebay but I can give you my best deal on LOU. Please make an offer. Al
  3. Hi. I see a lot of interest in this. Anyone need a radar system? Call me 315-825-5848c Thanks,
  4. ALL NEW IN BOX, LOWRENCE RADAR UNIT LRA-2000 (36 mile range), LCX-38C HD, 50/200 HZ (preloaded charts, radar display overlays on chart map, 30 GB hard drive, 600 x 800 pixels, solar max, 16 bit color display), LGC-3000 12 parallel channel GPS+WAAS receiver/antenna, CUSTOM ALUMINUM RADAR MOUNT (to mount on hard top), GPS EXTENSION MAST (puts GPS over radar beam), LCX-38C HD box is still sealed. $3600 invested. Willing to meet buyer if distance is within reason. Family issues got in the way of putting this on dream boat. $1800, CALL OR TEXT 315-825-5848
  5. Hi, I have a 5 foot Big Jon planer board mast for sale, two manual reels with 150 feet of neon yellow, 135# test line with snaps. It has a two piece base with captive bolts, allows you to easily take mast down when not in use. Used one season, like new, as seen in Cabela's for $299.99. Asking $200 cash. I live in Hamilton,NY (south east to Syracuse). Willing to drive to meet within reason.
  6. Great boat. I have a 196. Did you look at the StarWeld?
  7. Wanted

    I added a fin to the motor this year and love it. It's a Sting ray Starfire, No drill design. It added 5 mph to my top end and gets me on plane faster. I like it in rough water too. If I trim the motor down I can cut the waves better and cruise at a higher speed. It was worth the $75.
  8. Wanted

    Hi, I have a 2010, 196 fish master with a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke on it. I will go 40-45 mph. I'd guess the 115 will go 35 mph. It handles rough water and I like the toe rail on it when jigging or bottom bouncing in 3-4 foot waves. I'm very happy with it and no I'm not interested in selling it. I'll keep my eyes open for you.
  9. For Sale : USA

    Big Jon Planer Board Mast, 5 Foot with dual manual reels, 250 ft of 135# test neon yellow line with stainless snap swivels, Two piece base with captive screws, allows you to easily take down the mast when not in use. Used one season. Like new as seen in Cabela's for $299, $200, Hamilton, NY
  10. Big Jon planer board mast, 5 foot with dual manual reels, 150 feet of 135# test, neon yellow line with snaps. two piece base with captive screws, allows you to easily take down the mast when not in use, used 1eason, like new, as seen in Cabela's for $299.00, $200
  11. HUMMINBIRD 997 C SI comb Fish finder, GPS, used unit is in great shape no scratches, no sun damage, complete with GPS puck, SI transducer, cables, mounts, power cord, origional box, and manual. Software updated to version 6.3, for latest DI down imaging software. This unit will do everything a $1500.00, 998 c si will do for $500 less. $999.99 free shipping. The reason I'm selling is that I purchased a 1198.
  12. Hi, I understand how you feel. I lost one yellow Lab at 14 and have another one who will be 13 in November. I just got him back from the vet today and he's doing pretty good for an old guy. He's blind and gimpy but we still love him. I can add a shoulder for you to cry on. Saying good bye to my first Lab was the second hardest thing i had to do in my life. The good news is you have another lab to hug. Al
  13. Hi, I owned that motor in a 70#, 24v version. It worked good. I had one issue with the co-pilot and had the compas board replaced. It seemed to get lost on co-pilot. I replaced it with a Terrova 80 # , 24v with I-pilot. It's a MUCH heavier duty unit. Everything is bigger. I like the deployment lever better. I use it on a 19 6 Starcraft Fishmaster. I can pull my boat 3.2 mph. Al