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  1. YES , FREE SHIPPING. If in NY, Plus NYS sales
  2. Hi, I have a new size "Wader" Lure Holder for you to review. It's 10 " x 10", lures on one side, with one brass grommet top center, a wood doweling for rigidity and two Velcro tabs on the bottom corners of the plastic cover. The idea is you can attach it to your waders by a para cord or bungie cord. It floats and keeps your favorite lures handy. Any thoughts? Remember I can make almost anything. So if you like what I have in a different size call me. 315-825-5848C Al
  3. Hi, Just a reminder for NY residents to add sales tax to their orders. Thank you!
  4. To rober9705 I can have these made in a day and shipped to you USPS 2 days. It's been a busy spring but I have extra time now, Big al
  5. Nice Boat. It will sell quickly. I love mine.
  6. To robertr9705 yes I can make four,24" long x 12 high $35 each you get the fifth one free pick a size. If you live in NY please add your local sales tax, ex $140 + tax (8% is $11.20) = total. The fastest way to get them is by paypal send payment to [email protected] Send your name and address. I can have in Mondays Mail if I get payment Sunday. (today). I have all sizes in stock. You can pay by money order, or personal check send to Al Zogg 1440 Preston Hill Rd, Hamilton, NY 13346 Hey if your purchased less than 4 this year and want more, I'll honor my buy 4 get one free on a re-order. Ex you purchased two lure holders and want two more (any size) I'll give you one free any size.
  7. Hi, I forgot to mention that you'll need my email address for paypal [email protected] Also for NY State residents please add your local combined sales tax rate. Ex mine for Hamilton is 8%. Thank you Big Al
  8. Hi, I just sent 5 custom sized 33" x 12" to a member in Michigan!
  9. I just made 5 custom size lure holders 33 x 12 for a LOU member from Michigan. See attached picture. He took advantage of my buy 4 get one free program. He needed a special size to fit his boat. Stay tuned.
  10. great, all you have to do is email me [email protected] Tell me what you want. got to paypal send the payment to my email address. Thank you, Al
  11. MikeyP, These are FREE SHIPPINH.. MIKECATT14 - another way to attach (without drilling holes) is to use 1" x 1" cable tie bases. Wallmart $.94 for a pack of 8. Just peal and stick backing. You can use tie wraps or line to attach them to the pads, Al
  12. Hi, Rick Pecci Dreams Come true charters uses 550 parachute cord to hang them. Another boat uses peal and stick plastic hooks to hold them thru the solid brass grommets.. Typically two hooks one at each end. Mikecatt14 if you're interested I could make custom pads for you with Velcro on the pack where you want it. If you're interested. All sizes are in stock, I hope this helps. Big Al
  13. To Hybrid lures, Any of my holders will work with stick baits. I use the walleye size for AC shiners on my boat for browns in the spring. I hang the stick baits using the rear hook and sometimes the front hook.
  14. Hi, The walleye size 24" Lx 9.5 H is the only one that is 2 sided. I haven't considered making worm or "Dixie Spinner" holders. Could you call me to discuss your requirements? Maybe I could m0ake something that could work for you? Al 315-825-5848C or text
  15. Hi Just wanted to share a new picture of my pads being used by a LOU member (love shack) . Note the standard pads on the stern and 2sided walleye on the sides. I'M FILLING ORDERS NOW. ALL SIZES IN STOCK.