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  1. 38 minutes ago, Hachimo said:

    Thanks.  No Atlantic then. Lol. I was lookin at the x markins, faint color quick and sent him swimmin. Didnt keep him out of water long. 


    Tail is a dead giveaway.  Good job at not keeping it out of the water doing a thorough examination on it, lol!   Sometimes they look extremely different sometimes it's really hard to tell.  

  2. 1 hour ago, fisherdude said:

    Can't keep people bottle up for a long period of time we go nuts . I really don't see a problem with social conditioning fishing on the lake . When 60 bass boat show at the ramp at once for a club tournament then it would be iffy .

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    I hate it as well, trust me.  Problem is 90% of people will use common sense and fish either alone or with someone in their household.  The other 10% will be out there with their buddies.    The number of boats really shouldn't matter to be honest.   

  3. 20 minutes ago, Money Shot said:

    Did they tell you thats what they are doing?  Do you know for sure that is happening?  Do you know if those "buddies" live in the same house or maybe they don't but work together everyday as essential employees.  You are making a TON of generalized assumptions and ranting on a fishing site.  Think about that for a minute. Believe what you want and conduct yourself the way you see fit and other people will do the same.  We do live in America.  


    You think they aren't?   Since when is the sport we love so much not shared among friends?  I'm not lumping everyone into the same group here, I fish solo and I know a lot of guys that have fished solo after all this craziness has happened.  The problem is there are people out there that think this doesn't affect them.   Being an essential service makes no difference at all.  I'm deemed essential as well, you're not going to find any of my co-workers in my boat because we've been given that ridiculous title.    The problem is common sense isn't so common, this is the reason ramps are being closed down because some people cannot be trusted to do the right thing.   

  4. 1 minute ago, Money Shot said:

    I went fishing last week.  Left my house with my sons lauched the boat and went fishing.  We made no stops and didn't come within 500 yards of another human.  Explain to me where the problem is.  Your ridiculous rant makes it sound like its impossible to follow the presidential and CDC guidelines and go fishing.  There is absolutley ZERO substance to your argument and quite frankly you sound like you got dropped on your head. 


    The problem isn't the guys following the rules, it's the idiots out there fishing with their buddies.  You can't be that short sighted to not understand that can you?   

  5. 13 hours ago, ifishy said:

    the study makes  the conclusion that mortality is the only thing affecting re-catch rates.  where there is likely increased mortality there is also the very real possibility a fish caught once is less likely to be caught again with the same technique especially if the first time was recent or overly stressful


    Yeah, that's a big big assumption lol.   Personally I make sure the fish burps itself before it's brought into the boat.  If I don't see air bubbles, it stays 10-15ft down until I do.  Also no grips or vertical holds and I usually dive bomb them back in.   I haven't had a floater that I can remember and usually see them back down to the bottom on the graph in no time.   

  6. I'd probably be more up in arms if these fish actually had any spawning water to get to, but they don't especially on the south shore of Lake O.   I don't like seeing zipped fish in the river either, take the fish home and do what you want with it.   I was down at Burt years ago and took some eggs from a female chinook that was spewing them as soon as she was out of the water.  I took some eggs and released her.  As I was walking back up to my vehicle I got a visit from the CO and a ticket.  Apparently I wasn't allowed to take the eggs without keeping the fish.  Which I find really odd as those eggs just should have counted towards my possession limit for the day.  CO even told me just to toss the fish in the dumpster when I was leaving and all would have been legal.   Ridiculous if you ask me.  

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