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  1. 18 foot aluminum boat with a 115 mercury on the back. Unfortunately cables were cut to the motor so it would either need a repower or someone handy to fix it. Floor is solid and also has a kicker plate. I wanted to fix it up just for trolling but I have a newer aluminum and also a river boat so the wife says it has to go. price is $700. I have the title. 5705829529post-150475-0-14680300-1405104235_thumb.jpg

  2. Did pretty good for only being at it for a year now. Went 4 for 6 with our biggest going 27lbs. We were pumped. Caught all fish east of port 90 to 110 feet. Mix between dipsys and riggers. Ran our dipsys around 160 to 240 and most of the time keeping our cannon balls right on the bottom. Not real sure on my names of flies yet but green and white took all fish. No down temp for me yet but according to everyone we talked with temp was all over and most people were catching fish outside of temp. All and all a great trip for us and weather and waves were nice. Still really warm out though mid afternoon! Good luck and hope maybe this report helps someone. Everyone here has been extremly helpful to me so trying to start returning the favor some.

  3. Sounds like a great time had by all... congrats to all teams. How did the shootout work? Looking to get into some tourny's but with a wedding in 5 days it has been impossible to get up. The ol' lady promises i have free range after the wedding and honeymoon. It has been a tough year, but looking forward from here on out... Thanks to all who post because without the posts I would be in withdraw. Looking forward to the weekly smallmouth tourny here in pa tomorrow. Hopefully can bring in a nice 4 fish limit and get some kind of trophy this year! Keep the posts coming...

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