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  1. I know Port Credit for sure.  Saw the pen this spring.  I don't think there's been anything out of Bronte though.  The Atlantic focus makes sense as I had a couple of big ones on the in the boat this year out of Bronte.  First year that's happened for me.


    My concern is whats causing the seemingly sharp decline in the west for Chinook.  I've seen the riverbanks shoulder to shoulder in the fall for the run and only one CO in the area for enforcement.  That can't be good for the population.

  2. Another year done. I look at the weekly top 10's and the west end of the lake weighed in two, maybe three fish for the entire tournament of any merit! This has been a consistent theme out of Bronte, Port Credit and Hamilton for the last several years. Can anyone tell me who funds the rehab process in the rivers or how I might be involved? This is getting ridiculous.

  3. GOSD in a week! Can't wait but the fishing has sucked again early this season in the West end. Fishing aside, I'd be happy if someone could tell me theirs actually salmon left in the lake. I'm starting to wonder if the annual GOSD and fall river run fishing is taking its toll on the stocks. I'm no superstar out their, but I use to have 6-10 big fish days. Haven't had one of those for a couple of years now.

    Good luck everyone

  4. Fished Bronte today...not sure why...putting way too much faith in it! Nearly 5 hours this morning and nothing! Fished from 130 to 320 fow btw 40 to 60 down. Used everything from moonshines to spin Dr's and flies. Marked lots of bait and couple hooks. If your watching the derby weigh ins most from Port Hope and Bluffers. That's where I'm fishing from now on until August. I'm not a salmon superstar, but don't waist your time out of Bronte. Spoke to a few guys coming off the water at the same time and same results. Nice day on the water though.

  5. The last really good fishing I had out of Bronte was 2 to 3 years ago with average days of 4 to 10 salmon over 10 - 20 lbs. No idea what's happened that end of the lake but the salmon are gone. Last year was my worst there. Fished on average 2 to 3 days a week out of Bronte during the derby and had more skunks than I could count. Port Hope and Bluffers will be on the menu this year.

  6. I've been fishing out of Bronte all summer with little luck.  Finally moved east to Port Credit on Monday...with much better results.  After reading your post hit Bluffers today.  Wind sucked, SW and choppy in a 16 ft Legend.  Regardless, started fishing at 60 ft in the AM and moved out to 300 plus.  Got our first hit in 310 ft at 60 ft down and bit the lure.  Second fish hit at 260 ft and ran to the boat.  14 lb Chinook.  Wish we could have stayed out longer but the boat was getting slammed around.  Thx for the advice.

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